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What Sent Me Over The Edge To Find The Truth About Myself…

What Sent Me Over The Edge To Find The Truth About Myself…

Have You ever thought why did my life go to the garage pile. Why did everything need to be so hard. Well I thought life was hard, so it became hard. This was normal to me with the stupid thoughts that were stuck between my ears. Don’t get me wrong there were moments of glory in my life when I was growing up, well maybe I just remember them as dreams LOL. I am really serious about this I never had much to do with a great life Boo Whoo poor Me right. Well that was absolutely not true I had a life that was no different than anyone else, with good days and bad days throughout life. What I am about to tell you may shock you but this is the truth in my life!! When I feel sorry for Myself I became a victim. When someone hurts me means I want attention from the world. I tell you shit happens to people that need these kinds of situations in there lives. Stop feeling sorry for myself I said. Stop being a victim to myself. Stand up and look at myself as a person that wants to live damit. Create my happiness, create the life that I always dreamed of. I am not alone in this world. If I think I am alone that means look at me please come and help me. If I feel alone I would look in the mirror and there is me looking back at myself and I would say I love you no matter what. Believe in yourself, your path is always written from when you where in your mothers belly. I Just imagine and believe in myself  as the most beautiful person in the world.

This Is My Over The Edge Moment…

I was asked this from a Facebook friend a few days ago can you teach my husband how to cook because he stop cooking with me when we moved to a different city and now he doesn’t what to cook anymore…

What would you like your husband to cook for you?

I wanted my wife to give me a plate full of love and understanding for so many years!

There is more than one person who wants it more than ME “Love that is” we can give love without asking for love back in our lives. “What are you talking about”!

I gave so much understanding to my wife!

Is giving without expecting anything in return the question?

This was the most painful moments when I gave to my wife, “I can say with experience that I wanted my wife to appreciate everything that I gave her for so many years”.

What I got in return was more of the same NOTHING but wanting more that I didn’t want to give her because she was expecting more from me.

I didn’t care for myself worth in my life!

Again what the heck are talking about???

I was seeking attention from other people that I didn’t receive when I was a young child growing up!!!

This was my inner mechanism working overtime within ME!!!


Living in the future as we saw the past fall apart beneath our feet…

As we live in the previous state of mind that is the subconscious mind is becoming the past thought that are coming true in our lives today.

As I step forward in my life there’s always something new happening everyday in my life.

To be the best is to say that you can to go back in time to get a new feeling like the stars that gaze down upon us all.

This looking for something that you lost from your life that is missing.

The future holds no truth yet because it hasn’t happened for this is your present as the subconscious mind can tell you what was your past.

The future will be shipped to you when a happening is in front of your words and actions, for this will be your future as it unfolds beneath your feet.

The words and your actions are truth within your thoughts that are the universes way of saying here it comes without knowing it’s coming.

When it is shipped to you there will be a greater understanding when you know why it is being shipped to you, for this is the universe working absolute no filtering, what the universe knows is only what you say and what you are doing in your life in the present!

What is uploading onto your hard drive…

What words are you saying that maybe holding you back from your success?

The words that I was saying were creating negative patterns in my life for so many years.

I was always saying how bad my life was and how people were trying to hurt me.

These words were telling me that you aren’t good enough to be successful in life.

I was holding myself back from being more in life.

I can tell you how to do it, but that seems so much like I know the truth but you are the only one that knows the truth within yourself.

These steps that can be inputed into your subconscious mind is already there just need to be found within yourself right now.

You are born with these tools in your mind and body.


Where are we finding our lost emotions deep beneath the measures of thought within…

The transition of mind & body with our “Subconscious Mind”

This is me at 6 years old Stefan Neff


The point where I lived with pain in my life when I felt alone. I would often feel like people are making fun of me when I couldn’t talk properly, words would come out backwards and then kids would laugh at me.

This brought pain to my eyes feeling all alone in this world, nobody understood my feelings.

My parents said to me suck it up Stefan nothing to cry about you will be ok.

Well there was something wrong with me, I didn’t like my parents when they told me to be strong without telling how to be ok.

I felt all alone in this world only to learn on my own. Leaving me to fend for myself suck it up Stefan.

This was my measure of understanding how the world worked against me never wanting to understanding others in my life now.

What has changed in my life today with a new understanding how to use the subconscious mind to heal my fears now?

To see who I was as a child, and except those feelings that was creating my fears in my life.

There is only one person that can heal me and that is “ME”.


Are you tricking your subconscious mind to be happy with what you don’t have…

What is true happiness within your life

There is a quote that I want to share with you.





Would you cook for yourself if there was no love or passion in your heart for cooking…

Take this thought in your mind today for there is no tomorrow to bring happiness forever for this is our law in the universe

Why do we cook for our children or family?______

There’s only one reason to make others happy in life.

If there is only yourself would cooking make you happy?______

These are questions that I ask myself in the quest for life’s happiness!!

Can you truly be happy by yourself on a island with no one else?

If your answer is NO, then think how can you be happy in your life now for the only one that can make you happy is “YOU”


Where is your healing point start in life…

The feeling that we are holding pain inside our subconscious mind for our own benefit

There is a starting point in ones life that we can be sure of with the new understanding of the use of the subconscious mind and how we use it.

So why are we still holding on to our pains in life?_______

We want to feel the importance of our pains that we have, to show to others around us how much pain we are feeling.

Think of the time when you were a little kid and some the feelings you felt.

Did you want to be seen and heard from your mother or father please look at me I am feeling pain in my life.

You couldn’t get the ice cream or something you really wanted and were told no, how did that make you feel at that time.

These are feelings that we have in our life NOW that are recurring time and time again and without the understanding of why!!!

“This is the subconscious mind working over time showing you what is bothering you in your life”