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What Happens When Our Partner Stops Sleeping Beside YOU Our Happiness - Stefan Neff

What Happens When Our Partner Stops Sleeping Beside YOU?

What Happens When Our Partner Stops Sleeping Beside YOU?

The feeling is so self-defeating when our Spouse is sleeping in the spare bedroom.

But when our loved one sleeps in the spare bedroom they feel a sense of individualism but the real truth is that one or both may have a rejection issue going on within their mindset, is this a healthy relationship. (I don’t think so. …) The studies show one out of four married couples has Rejection issues influenced by their childhood. 

But is it the end of the world if married couples sleep in different rooms or split beds. (No the world isn’t going to end) because your partner isn’t sleeping with you but, I believe that there is a solution to any problem. 

Talking about your feelings and what is bothering us is one of the best ways to deal with any problem.

Seeking out professional help is also a great avenue towards self-help.

Reading relationship books are a great way to learn more about our truths.

In my opinion, the most effective way to deal with relationship issues is to face what is bothering us, it doesn’t matter how painful it may be in the beginning because if you let it fester for long periods of time we will never become happy. Our relationships become stagnate and the love turns into hatred. …

Does sleeping in separate beds lead to sexless marriage?

How to Fix a Sexless Marriage, According to Sex experts

1. Break Down the internal issues. …

2. Talk About Passions in life. …

3. Avoid Acting Passive-Aggressively. …

4. Nurture the Emotional Feelings Within Each other. …

5. Face the Real Issue. …

6. Stop Comparing It to other people’s sex life. …

7. Don’t Try to Relive the past.

8. Listen to each other. …

The ultimate answer to all the issues in a relationship can be summed up in how we perceive ourselves the situations how we create our own self-love and self-awareness towards life.

I highly recommend taking a self-care class we have created for couples that really are committed to having more sex more love in their relationships.

If you have the courage to create change in your sexless marriage please reach out and ask me how I have more sex within my life at the age of 50.

To work with us contact me via email at stefanneff53@gmail.com or text me at 778-551-0419 to find out more about creating happiness in your relationship with yourself and others.


Thank You from Stefan Neff

Thank You from Stefan Neff


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Where do I go now with my family gone from my cluch of abuse

In my last story my family went to a transition house for abused women where they stood in line at the food bank, for now they didn’t have money to survive in a country of plenty. Why is this happening to me, for the world is so cruel to me. I thought about the fact that people looked upon me as a bad man, because of the horrific thing I created in my life. The next few weeks went by with there stay coming to an end at the transitional house, because they are only allowed to stay for a one month period, these are the rules created by the system that placed them there temporarily. They needed to find there own home to stay, with no money in there pocket. Towards the end of there stay, she phoned me about a meeting with me to discuss terms of payments of child support. I said what are you talking about, I have only enough for my own life. You can ask your family for money, because you left me in disgrace. She would phone me every five minutes to ask the same question and threatening me, that she was going to take me to court and have a judge decided the amount that I needed to pay. Well this was unacceptable to me, therefore I said ok ok ok what ever you want just stop phoning me at my workplace. Before this happened I was wornd by my family to stay away from her all together and send her back to there country. I couldn’t do that because I had said yes to the terms that where ask of me. We decided to have a friend of hers be a mediator for us, we’ll this a good news on my part, because I could talk to her face to face without the yelling and creaming at each other. I finally agree to the payment amount. To have them back on good terms with me. maybe there is a chance to have our lives be somewhat happier. The story will continue tomorrow as life in the nexted few months go better.

The life we lived is told by a man with a past follow this link to read the previous post.