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How To Let Go Of Self Guilt In Your Relationships

How To Let Go Of Self Guilt In Your Relationships

Can you release guilt from our mind and soul?

YES, when you are committed to releasing and facing guilt head-on with such a powerful force!

No, if you want to hold onto the feeling that guilt gives you!! That may be exactly why guilt doesn’t go away.

Sometimes you have to forgive yourself for what we did in the past. And begin the process to be able to forgive others that have hurt you in the past.

If you are unable to say “YES” you can never have peace of mind from your guilty thoughts.

7 Healing Ways You Can Deal With Guilt That Will Help You Feel Much Healthier
1. Understanding Your Purpose For Your Guilt. …
2. Seeing If You’re Measuring Yourself To Others Expectations Of Your Guilt. …
3. Checking Yourself: See If The Guilt You Are Feeling Is Rational Or Irrational. …
4. Talk It Out With A Loved One Or Relationship Coach. …
5. Focus Your Attention On What You Can Do Now Instead Of What You Can’t Do. …
6. Remember: This Doesn’t Mean You Should Punish Yourself For What You Did. …
7. Yes, Let It Go. But Face Why You Feel These Guilty Feelings. …

Effects of Guilty Feelings.

The debilitating sense of guilt that so many people feel isn’t just unhealthy for the psyche; it’s tremendous for an unhealthy mindset.
And that’s just part of what guilt does to us.”It [guilt] also contributing factor to cardiovascular issues and stomach problems as well. It can also have a negative impact on our relationships over many years of feeling guilty,”

If you have the courage to release your guilt please reach out and ask me how I released my guilt within my life.

To work with us contact me via email at stefanneff53@gmail.com or text me at 778-551-0419 to find out more about creating happiness in your relationship with yourself and others.

Thank You from Stefan Neff

Thank You from Stefan Neff


Walking on thin ice with no life line in sight wondering in my toxic relationship will drown me with every step I take towards unhappiness 

Can we foresee the future that is long past our ability to fix what was broken. As my wife and young son were interviewed under strick rules at the airports immigration not knowing what to expect when they came through the final gate to see what was a broken man with limited expression on his blank face that was pain and fear of the unknown within him. The moment came when they came around the corner with intimidating look on her face and very little was said to each other. My son didn’t speak English only his foreign language that I didn’t speak and I was disillusioned why she didn’t teach him my native language at all. How was I going to communicate with this young boy that was my son. As day’s and weeks went by with more communication with my son and my wife things started to feel more comfortable, we were talking about our life and a little bit about the future that was our young sons next step. I felt more and more comfortable in my expression towards our future together, things were looked brighter and brighter every single day there was a light at the end of my unhappy tunnel that I called life. But what I didn’t know was there was a alternative motive behind those piercing eyes of hers. What happened next was so unsuspected I was unsure if I would ever see them again…

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Living on paper moon spinning out of control waiting for the ground to open up and swallow me whole

There was a thought in my mind as my world was turned upside down with most feelings of truth pulled from my life. Living on a lonely road finding no happiness in sight so far away from my empty life without my baby boy living 4000 miles away. As months turned into years before I heard from my toxic wife. The next time was when she wanted me to make contact with our son now almost two years old and she was looking for money to support them to come to see me 4000 miles away. Why now I thought to myself but with much hesitation, I sent her a little bit money. As there arrivel was approaching rapidly not knowing what to expect because we were still married, well maybe we can make it work after we had time apart. Deep inside I still loved her so very much even though she was toxic for me to live in my lifestyle drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Let’s see if we still had feelings for each other after all. When the day arrived at the airport I was so nervous I couldn’t stop shaking with fear and excitement, what’s going to happen nexted.

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Are you living in a toxic relationship and want to now how to fix what is wrong in your life. 

Why didn’t I know that I was in a toxic relationship before I got married 

The story unfolds with the truth about myself.

When I saw them there standing at the arrival gate at the airport. I started with tears running from my eyes. I didn’t think that my pain was real until I allowed my emotional feelings to come from within me. But was it real emotions, I wasn’t sure that my tears where for them or for myself for coming 4000 miles back into a toxic environment. This is what I need to figure out in my thoughts that I was feeling. Did I real want to be here for more pain in my life. This was making me uneasy about why am I here 4000 miles away from my real life, I thought to myself. Was this a selfish act on my part just arriving to see my little baby boy. 

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