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The time was now for there was no tomorrow that happiness is not forever as the past I write is for you to see what was in my life from yesterday’s thoughts

My post from yesterday was that I started to pay for my anger in the money that I made. My ex-wife had a new place to live after leaving the transitional house for abused woman. For the next few months I was visiting there new house on a regular basis to see my son, for this was starting to be a joyful moment in my life. I began to look through the window of there life with the notion that I might belong to a family that could be my own. But when I had to leave them every night after work going back to the place I called home, was a painful feeling in my life because there was a empty feeling in my stomach. I would go home and start drinking alcohol as soon as I left there house. I would feel so alone in my life even though I had a older son waiting for me at the place I slept for this was the only happy point to go home for. But even then I was getting drunk to hide my pains in life,  I made that choice all on my own. For the nexted year or so, I am not sure how long because sometimes life was a blur with all the alcohol I was drinking every single day. Most nights I would be drunk before the sun went down never knowing what day it was at times. There was a point in my life where I felt pulled away from reality and turning the lights out in my thoughts without a measure of who I really was inside my soul. 

I will be back tomorrow with more of my inner thought from the past that must be spoken…

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