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Why for so many years did I get upset when I was challenged by my wife…  well, I was afraid of being wrong and to be judged by others, especially the person I loved.

Why was so painful, well I had a subconscious pain point that was stamped within me that I didn’t want to face.

How do I deal with this pain? – Face it accept it otherwise this pain would affect my happiness until I die… Do I want to hold onto these pain points? Yes, because this gave me a reason to feel a thought from my past memories…

So many times in my life I have asked myself, do I really want to live like this and my answer is “NO WAY MAN”… So why do I keep this most upsetting thought? I didn’t believe for one second that I created my own pain but the truth is I do create everything that happens in my life, who else creates my life!! Who else makes me sad or mad?

Not my wife, not my children and definitely not the people that are around me… I do it all on my own with no ones help indeed… 

My question to you is, do you feel like this in your life?

Do you feel punished with fear and upsetting feeling at times?

Are people affecting your happiness?

At some point have you looked into the mirror and asked yourself am I unhappy? Is your life filled with these kinda moments of fear and anxiety? 

If so — there is a solution that my wife and I have created that will fix those issues… 

Do you want to live the life of your desires?

Would you do anything to fix it?

Is having a happy life worth it…

I truly believe so…

I know that my happiness is worth IT!!

To learn more about how you can create happiness in your life, contact us at stefanneff53@gmail.com or PM me to find out how you can stop from feeling upset, mad or sad in your life…