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Stefan Oskar Neff SMART Recovery


New FREE options for helping people with alcohol and other addiction related problems

To Whom It May Concern,

Health care and other professionals know that many of their patients or clients would be healthier, happier, safer and more productive if their drinking, drug use or other counter-productive behavioural issues were reduced or completely eliminated. We would like to help you to help your clients change their maladaptive behaviours involving substances and activities. Here is why SMART Recovery® is an excellent alternative choice and should be included when you offer referrals. 

Doing business as SMART Recovery®, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self-Help Network, Inc. is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, now international. It provides free training of volunteers who facilitate no-fee, self-help groups, both face-to-face and online. Meetings are confidential, non-confrontational and use a program based on science rather than faith. In this way we offer options to individuals desiring to abstain from any type of harmful substance or activity addiction and those who are considering doing so. 

The science-based SMART Recovery Four Point® program teaches self-empowerment skills and uses cognitive-behavioural and motivational enhancement techniques to help participants:

  • Enhance and maintain motivation
  • Cope with urges
  • Manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Live a balanced life

There are many paths to recovery. The SMART Recovery® website offers individuals helpful information related to addiction and recovery, and provides a range of alternative recovery tools and options.

We have found that empathy and collaboration overcome many barriers to behaviour change, whereas the traditional confrontational approaches actually trigger denial of problems and resistance to change1. Research does not support AA as the only effective approach2 and has found SMART Recovery® and other groups to be superior for many3. Offering a menu of options enhances motivation, while insisting on any one approach may increase resistance. 

You can help your clients to mobilize their own resources, explore options and allow them to make their own choices. Choices promote change. Please make SMART Recovery one possible choice. We have a locaI face-to-face meeting available in [your meeting’s city], and I would be pleased to send you more brochures on request.

Wednesday Meeting From 6:30pm – 8:00pm 

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