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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) could be defined as ‘the psychology of excellence and the science of change’. An NLP Practitioner could be described as ‘an agent for change’.

Think of NLP as the language of your mind. Why NLP?

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you knew how to release any problem or obstacle?

How much better would you feel once you got rid of your old baggage?

Using NLP techniques can absolutely positively change the course of your life by putting new meanings to past experiences.

NLP can be used to release:

– Unwanted emotions

– Old baggage

– Negative beliefs

– Phobias

– Allergies

– Eating disorders

– PTSD and many more… It can also be used to increase:

– Self confidence

– Better communication

– Personal success

– Healed relationships

– More money and so much more…

Jeremiah Rangel is an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer’s Trainer who has been helping thousands of people positively transform their lives over the last 18 years. During this Live Seminar he will be sharing with you all of his most successful transformational techniques.

Is The Love In Your Relationship Seem Fuzzy - Stefan Neff

Do You Have The Courage To Fix Your Relationship?

Do you remember when you first started a relationship, how wonderful the feeling was? You couldn’t stop thinking about that moment in time… Yes, I remember so clearly like it was yesterday!!

Then one-day things started to feel FUZZY… Why is love so fuzzy I asked myself… Why am I feeling so uneasy about life and the people around me? Is there something wrong with me?? Well, the truth is my life was filled with temporary feelings and lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent. 

Are your relationship goals scaring you?

If so, that’s a good thing…

The only goals worth pursuing are the ones that force you to move beyond your comfort zone… because that is where true growth happens.

And if you want to take your relationship to the next level, growth is required.

Pro-tip though: just because your goals are scary, that doesn’t mean they need to be overwhelming!

Any relationship goal, no matter how big or daunting, can be chunked down into a series of manageable, bite-sized steps.

And if you complete those steps one by one, you WILL achieve your goal — guaranteed!

Here’s the thing though. Figuring out exactly what those steps are, and the order you should take them in, can be easier said than done.

Working with us, we will share a powerful goal-driven technique that will help you gain valuable clarity into exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

This “unique” technique has helped many of our clients successfully build new found love in their relationships… rewrite and harness the passion within your life… add years to your sex lives, a new freedom to travel more and live the life you desire, and much more.

I’m confident it will help you achieve your goals faster and more easily, too!

Do You Have The Courage To Fix Your Relationship???

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Why Do Marriages Fail? Is It Because Of Miscommunication Or Just A Lack Of Self-Discipline - Stefan Neff

Why Do Marriages Fail? Is It Because Of Miscommunication Or Just A Lack Of Self-Discipline??

Why Do Marriages Fail? Is It Because Of Miscommunication Or Just A Lack Of Self-Discipline!!

Well, let’s dive right into the real reason marriages fail. 

1. Trust

2. Lying

3. Needing approval

4. Misunderstandings

5. Self-care

6. Self-awareness

7. Mistreatments of self

8. Mistreatments of others

9. Self observant

10. Lack of self-worth as a person

These are just a few reasons why people in marriages seem to be stuck…

So why are people stuck in the mud and all the time seem to be pressing on the gas pedal but never going forward…

They may lack the skills necessary to cope with life’s problems or even be wanting others to feel sorry for them whatever the reason might be there are stuck and walking around in circles without a guide to help them along the way… their parents didn’t have the tools may be there grandparents were also stuck in the mud as well. 

Nobody to blame here but ourselves well, that is the truth because we create everything that happens in our lives NO GOD or other forms can do it for us or TO US… LOL “That Is The Truth” 

If you take the TEN things on the list above and just work on our well-being and truly focus on self rather than trying to make others happy… That is not the only reason but it is a large reason why we get mad, sad and sometimes depressed in life because individuals are creatures of habit as well as a past mindset that is creating there present situations in life.

So how can we fix our relationships? Is it working on a new mindset or habits YES, that is a large part of creating a happier marriage, but the biggest thing is to accept that we are creating as our reality and stop blaming life’s problems on others or the world… Yes, I have heard this a MILLION times before taking responsibility right but are we do that daily. Are we looking in the mirror and saying do I mean IT and asking ourselves what do we want in life. 

Are we saying it consciously or at a deeper level into our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND this is the pressing question that we can ask ourselves every single day what we are living on this amazing planet we call Earth…

Are you one of those people who think that shit happens for a reason or are you one those people who think that GOD is going to take care of my happiness?

Are you having problems in your relationships?

Are you having communication issues in your love life?

Has life just been SO SO up this point?

I ask you this!! Do you want to fix your relationship today, towards a more loving and forever comfortable LIFE? YES, of coarse who doesn’t want a better life and loving marriage right…

Well, you would be surprised to find out that a lot of people like being miserable… Do you want to be in the group of blamer’s — complainers and darn right angry all the time people… NO WAY!!! 

Stop putting crap in my head…

Tell me what you FEEL & MEAN SIR?





Do You Have The Courage To Think differently???

You can contact us via email at or text me at 778-551-0419 to find out more about creating happiness in your relationship with yourself and others…

Jack Canfield With Stefan Oskar Neff

3 Myths About The Law of Attraction | Jack Canfield


If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

It’s as simple — (and complicated) — as that.

Self-confidence doesn’t always come easy… especially if you’ve had to deal with negativity or setbacks in your life.

But it’s important for you to understand that you have everything you need to achieve any goal you can imagine.

That potential is inside you, waiting to be unlocked.

And an unwavering belief in yourself is the key that will open it.

Because when you know that you are already the kind of person who is capable of achieving your biggest dreams, you will start showing up in the world as that person.

And the world will respond to you as if you are that person.

This is what lies at the heart of the Law of Attraction which states that the energy you put out into the universe determines the energy that the universe reflects back to you.

Today I’d like to share some powerful tips on how to use (and how NOT to use) the Law of Attraction to show up as your best self and create the life you want.

Keep reading to learn more…

It’s time to show up as your best self, Everyone

I’m sure you’re familiar with this famous quote from Henry Ford…

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

If you have an unshakeable belief in your ability to accomplish an ambitious goal, you will achieve it.

And if you doubt that you have what it takes, your efforts will always fall short. Your lack of belief will create obstacles that hold you back from getting the results you want.

So this week I’d like you to work on building confidence and faith in yourself.

Here are some ways you can do that:

• Spend 5 minutes every day visualizing yourself achieving your goals.If you can see it in your mind’s eye, you will find it much easier to make it a reality.

• Take on small challenges. Confidence comes from experiencing successful outcomes — then leveraging the self-esteem boost from each new “win” to propel yourself onto even bigger challenges.

• Celebrate your successes. Every time you achieve a goal, celebrate it! It’s important to recognize that you ARE the kind of person who is capable of accomplishing great things. The more you remember that, the more your confidence and self-worth will grow.


The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, however, some people scoff at the idea because they haven’t been able to harness it for themselves. The Law of Attraction is very real, and if you truly learn how to use it, can change your life forever.

Here are some myths about the Law of Attraction that will keep you from experiencing true abundance in your life. To learn how to activate the Law of Attraction in your life, download my FREE guide by clicking the link above!

The Perception Of Others Is What Held Me Back From A Successful Relationship With My Wife

Mindset Is crucial towards the life we desire

Mindset Is crucial towards the life we desire

Why is Mindset important? Well, as humans go we think and behave from the way we feel by the events that happen in our lives!! We decided to get hurt, angry and even strike back at others for hurting our feelings!! The only person that can hurt us is ourselves! You can believe it OR not but it is the truth… 

Why do you think war starts or relationships fall apart, it’s because of the perception of the event that has created the feeling or belief in the first place that becomes our outcome in life…

Just imagine if we knew what was causing the feelings that started every argument in the world and we knew how to deal with it… the world would be in a better space then now… 

There would be less than nothing to argue about… WOW, that would be something to see if we were able to live like that on a daily basis… hmmmmm…

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could process your thoughts that caused your unhappiness! Well, there would be a whole bunch of people walking around with permanent smiles on their faces… LOL 

There would be so much laughing going on in our lives or the world for matter without fear of judgement or negative influences in life… When we look at ourselves as the person who is creating everything that happens to us and for us… Life would be so much happier than if we didn’t take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and behaviours!!!

What do you want in your life?

Do you want more skills to deal with issues or problems in your life?

If your answer is “NO WAY SIR I CAN DO IT ALL ON MY OWN” then that is your answer to stay where you are at NOW!!!

Well if your answer is “YES I WANT TO CREATE CHANGE IN MY LIFE!! 

Then let’s talk about what my wife and I can create to help you HELP YOURSELF…

Do You Have The Courage To Think differently???

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with Dr. Anita Sanchez


Dr. Anita Sanchez

Dr. Anita Sanchez, of Mexican- American and Aztec ancestry, has spent four decades weaving indigenous wisdom and modern science to support business executives and their teams all over the world. Anita consults and trains using her benchmarked tools and programs focused on building diverse and inclusive cultures, leadership and business strategies. A truly inspiring speaker, she is the international bestselling author of “Success University for Women in Business” and of “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times”, from Simon & Schuster. The 2019 Latino Book Award just announced Anita’s book – The Four Sacred Gifts – as the “Most Inspirational Nonfiction Book” and “Best Self-Help Book”. Anita is passionate about “inspiring people to discover and trust their gifts so that they become a life-giving connection to people and to the planet. For more information on Anita and her work go to

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Change Your Perception Change Your Outcomes - Stefan Neff

The Perception Of Others Is What Held Me Back From A Successful Relationship With My Wife

The Perception Of Others Is What Held Me Back From A Successful Relationship With My Wife

So this is how it went down in our house!! So many years ago, I would think I was right and she was wrong – well, that was my perception of how I thought the truth was, but on her side of the coin was something totally different.

I had only picked out what I wanted to see and was blinded by the real truth of the situation.

Why was I thinking this way?

I didn’t want to face what I was doing. I could only see the front side of the two-sided coin. Means there is always two sides to every story.

When I looked at my life from my eyes today I can see what and how I was thinking, WOW what a close-minded MAN I was — My thoughts were on the protection of my self bride and NOT on the real truth.
The event in life lead to – “THOUGHTS” that lead to “FEELINGS” follows how we “BEHAVE” = “OUTCOMES”

This formula of life is the freedom that I needed to release my perception of the events that happened in my life…

Why is this formula so powerful to use to create change in life? Well, now I can understand where my feelings are coming from and I can solve the major problems that occur in my life today!!

YES, the situation does pop-up time to time that causes me to have perception issues. Then new habit on problem-solving springs into action and with practice, patience and persistence come relief after a few minutes…
What are you doing to solve your issues that pop into your life?

What are you doing to fix your perceptions of the events that are causing you problems in your relationships?

Would you use this FORMULA “E-T-F-B=O” “EVENTS – THOUGHTS – FEELINGS – BEHAVIOURS = OUTCOMES” to fix your problems in your relationships???

If you want to know how this formula works and how to implement into your life when the problem occurs then we can work together in finding the right path towards your happiness today…

Do You Have The Courage To Perceive Life In A New LIGHT??

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