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LAW OF ATTRACTION Stefan Neff Law Of Attraction

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LAW OF ATTRACTION Stefan Neff Law Of Attraction

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LAW OF ATTRACTION Stefan Neff Law Of Attraction

The Wonderful Power of Your Mind


The Beautiful and Amazing Power of Your Mind


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Law Of Attraction Stefan Neff WordPress

Law Of Attraction Stefan Neff WordPress

I am so happy and grateful for my wife Tomoko - Law Of Attraction

I am so happy and grateful for my wife Tomoko – Law Of Attraction


My life story!!

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Law Of Attraction Anything Is Possible

If you have a better way of doing anything, your idea may be worth a fortune.

In any type of business, the most valuable ideas are those that make money, save money, save time, or improve the way things are done. Every improvement, however slight, is a step in the right direction. Being alert for opportunities to improve things is a function of a positive attitude. It is virtually impossible to think creatively about opportunities when your thoughts are concentrated on the downside risk instead of the upside potential. As you search for ways to improve your performance, or to find a better, faster, or more economical way to perform a task or build a product, by all means analyze and minimize the risks but focus on the possibilities.

By Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich

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Law Of Attraction Sunday Planner

Law Of Attraction Sunday Planner

Does this sound familiar?

It’s Sunday.

Depending on what kind of business you own, this may or may not be the one day you try to take “off” to spend with family and friends.

If it is, do you often find yourself being completely distracted and overwhelmed by the pile of work you know is waiting for you?

Is the heat from the fires you’ll have to put out starting to make you sweat?

If you answered yes, chances are you aren’t taking the time to plan out your week and your schedule so that you can be present when you’re with the important people in your life.

Here are three steps to a more productive, fulfilling week:

  1. Carve out 30 minutes on Sunday night. Plan it in your calendar and make sure you have quiet space without any distractions.
  2. Review the projects you have coming up that week. Write down the three most important tasks that you MUST accomplish to move your business forward. Don’t get caught up in the small things we use to distract us (“checking email” doesn’t count!).
  3. Plan a mini-celebration. We all love to be rewarded. Write down one thing you’ll do when those three important tasks are done. It could be dinner with a friend, time with a good book or anything that recharges your energy.

This may sound simple but by knowing you’ll have time Sunday night to set yourself up for a productive week, you’ll be able to focus on being present for the rest of the day which will give you a sense of freedom.