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Tony Robbins: This is Why Some People Always Succeed – LAW OF ATTRACTION – Create the life that you desire…


Tony Robbins: This is Why Some People Always Succeed (LAW OF ATTRACTION) *CREDIT Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins’ corporate and personal development events. As the nation’s #1 life and business strategist, he¹s called upon to consult and coach some of the world¹s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

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My New Best Seller On Amazon Learn The How To Improve Your Success Today the truth is in YOUFrom Zero To Hero Why The World Picked Me Written By Stefan Oskar Neff Top Amazon Book
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I want to take you on a journey. A man’s journey, from self-indulgent zero to empathetic hero. On the journey to finding my purpose, I crossed continents, chased dreams, fought nightmares and found, that all the crazy hair-brained things I did to “protect myself” never really helped protect me at all. They only slowed me down from finally arriving at an understanding of who I am and why I’m here.

It was only when I met a kindred spirit, a woman who was equally as troubled, and searching to escape her family, that I began to wake up to the nightmare I called my life. My whole world was turned upside-down in the blink of an eye, and it left me wondering who was crazier me or her.

Was my meeting this woman fate? Or was it a desperate act of a self-destructive man, with only one possible outcome? Was this woman going to do me in, or was she my one chance at redemption? In order to find out, I was going to have to let go of everything that I claimed as my personal right as a man, and look in the mirror with clarity and honesty.

There are moments in life where we make choices that may not serve us in life. We drift along without asking the tough questions. This is a story about the choices that I made answering those questions, and my gradual awakening to what life is really all about.

My ultimate goal for everyone is to maximize results!!

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The Top 10 Business Growth Secrets!!!

Top 10 Business Growth Secrets!

Explode YOUR Business!

Using Make YOUR Mark’s TOP 10 Growth Secrets!

Secret #1: Many of us as entrepreneurs start our business with incredible passion and eventually end up doing operations, production and management tasks that we truly do not enjoy. Always be passionate about your role in your business and hire people to do the rest.

Secret #2: Always have a plan for your business. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What are your personal goals and the goals for your business? Always know why you are in your business and keep reminding yourself of your goals. In fact, I say call goals “promises” instead, as they have a much stronger emotional impact and meaning. Keep true to your promises to yourself!

Secret #3: Do you know your market? Who are you selling to? You cannot be everything to everyone. So, what niche markets are you after? You may have a few product lines and/or services and each may have their own or similar niche markets. Determine exactly what they are for your business!

Secret #4: Do you truly know what your cash flow is in your business… and I mean truly know?

At MYM we have a detailed 12 month cash flow analysis tool that lets us know exactly when our clients may encounter cash crunch or cash rich times in their businesses. Allowing you to relax and properly prepare every aspect of your business for growth this year.

Secret #5: Do you know exactly what your break-even is for your business?

The formula is very easy and is critical to truly knowing what revenue you have to make in order for your business to break-even every month. Take your revenue and minus the “cost of goods” from it and divide that number by the revenue again. This will yield your gross margin. Now, take your total overhead (salaries, expenses, rent, phones, etc.) and divide it by the gross margin and this is your true break-even.

Example: You sell computers for $500 each and they cost you $250. Your gross margin is ($500 – $250)/$500 = 0.50 (50%). If your salary and over head is $3,000 per month, your break-even is $3,000/0.50 = $6,000. This means you have to sell $6,000 worth of computers (product) just to cover your costs and only thereafter do you start making money!

Secret #6: Many entrepreneurs work extremely hard in the beginning of their businesses and do not take home any income. If you calculate your break-even above and do not include your income… you are truly not breaking-even. Always include your income as the company owner.

Secret #7: Always maintain full control over the bank accounts and cash in your business. Often we gain trust with our bookkeepers and start to let them take control. Here are the items to always control in your business:

  • Ensure that all cashed cheques that are returned to you by your bank are only opened by you as the company owner. This allows you to check all the signatures and ensure that each cheque is to a known vendor.
  • Never let anyone have blank cheques. Only give your bookkeeper the right number of cheques for each cheque run. Otherwise keep all cheques locked away.
  • Most important! If your bookkeeper will not take more than 7 days consecutive leave, this could be a flag that something may be up! Once a year hire a temp. bookkeeper that has no personal relationship with your bookkeeper to double check everything – very important!

Secret #8: In the 21st century many entrepreneurs and business owners want to give their key employees ownership in their businesses or have them earn a percentage of the company in order to keep them. Giving shares can become very complex especially if you start to have problems. Think of profit share which essentially gives them the same thing without them becoming a shareholder.

Secret #9: We are all in our own businesses to make money, change the lives of our family and most of all to have fun. When you first start out you are probably the most poorly paid person in your office, working many hours for very few dollars (working IN your business). With the proper plan in place you can see when this will switch over and give you incredible money for very few hours worked (working ON your business). Being in your own business is a tenacious game. Yet, with a plan in place and promises set, your future will be extremely exciting.

Secret #10: When putting your plan together always be looking at your exit strategy as the owner. If you are selling a product or service, how can you create an ongoing income stream (consumable or residual) that will build over the years so that eventually your monthly income is highly predictable and an easy asset to sell to a future buyer of your business? The key strategy here is that you should set your business up in the beginning with the intention of selling. Highly systematized business with good ongoing residual/consumables income is very attractive to a potential buyer.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this report are that of Make YOUR Mark and not meant to be legal or accounting advice in any way or form. Please seek the correct advice from your local legal and accounting professionals.

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Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!
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Learn To Grow Your Business Leadership Skill & Maximize Sales & Profit Growth…

Successful leadership in small business!

Quiz: What Kind of Leader Are You?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on how you live these characteristics of a leader:

Leaders take responsibility… they:

    1. Look for opportunities to be responsible.
    2. Are willing to be judged on performance
    3. Are willing to take responsibility for the actions of their team
    4. Do not blame of make excuses when things go wrong.
    5. Are accountable to their actions

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders have clear vision… they

    1. Are clear about where they are going
    2. They know what they want from each situation
    3. They take action to make their vision come true
    4. Give a sense of meaning and direction to those around them.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

  1. Leaders have confidence… they
    1. Believe in themselves
    2. Say, “we CAN do it and we WILL do it.”
    3. Build confidence and bring out the best thing those who are on their team.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders are competent… they

    1. Have a high level of experience and a solid track record in their area of expertise
    2. Have a level of mastery that builds the respect of others and also gives leaders the ability to deliver on the things they promise.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders are action-oriented… they

    1. Are always in motion
    2. Usually doing more than one thing at a time
    3. Are very results-oriented
    4. Have a “ready fire aim” approach
    5. Take action even when they are uncertain

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders and good communicators… they

    1. Make it easy for others to understand their current situation, their vision and their plan of action
    2. Communicate their message in a way that is clearly understood and that inspires those around them.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders and trustworthy… they

    1. Trust and are trustworthy
    2. They know that trust can take time to be earned but can be destroyed in a moment
    3. Value the trust of others and treat their leadership role as a privilege.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders make others feel important… they

    1. Are compassionate
    2. Are empathetic
    3. Care about people and have an ability to make people feel like they belong and that they are important and have something valuable to offer.
    4. Know that every person is special and unique and they respect each individual.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders are decisive… they

    1. Make decisions quickly
    2. They gather the info they need, trust their intuition and make decisions in a timely manner
    4. Prefer to keep moving now and make corrections later than to bring things to a halt while a decision is made.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Leaders have strong commitment… they

    1. Are willing to take a stand for what they believe in

    2. Will do everything in their power to make things work

    3. Naturally attract followers because of their high level of commitment

    4. Are virtually unstoppable in reaching their goals.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10: _____

Now, look at the areas where you scored an 8 or above. These are the areas in which you excel the most. What are some examples of where you live these characteristics with your business?

Look at the scores where you scored less than 8. These are the areas where you could improve. Which areas need the most improvement?

How can you implement change in these areas?

What benefit would there be to your business if you were to practice these characteristics more regularly?

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Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!
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Building A Powerful Mindset Is One Of The Key Steps To Creating Outrageous Results Within Your Business Success!

Entrepreneurial Success Mindset for Business

Do you have the Success MINDSET?

Your WORDS We Use!

It is really important as you start out your journey as an entrepreneur to really have your mindset in the right place. When I talk about your mindset I’m talking about the way that you think, because the way that you think will dictate the results that you get in your business. 95% of the failures that I see in business or with people who are entrepreneurs is that they have stinking thinking. There are some simple things that you can change in the way that you approach things and the most important one is to look at all the experiences or the choices that you make in a positive light. Let’s look at the three words below:

  • Right
  • Success
  • Good

What are the opposites or antonyms of these three words? Yes; wrong, failure and bad! There is one thing that I can guarantee you as you go out and start building your business there will be challenges along the way. It’s how you look at these challenges and the choices that you make from them that will dictate the results and success in every given situation!

So why not look at instead of using the words wrong, failure and bad, replace them with the word learning! You do not know everything when you first start out in business and it’s good to understand that you should not chastise yourself for every learning experience that you have. The most important part is to make sure that they are learning experiences, and you figure out what you have learnt from them in order not to make the same mistake twice.

Taking Things Personally

This is the most important skill that I had to learn in my own business. Recently, I had a few clients write to me that had some challenges with the groups that they belonged to as part of our company. You could simply say that they were disgruntled clients, which to me are one of the most important assets that you have in your business when you are first starting out. A client who voices their opinion is an asset because so many of them never voice their opinions directly to you, but yet they do it in front of other people and this harms your reputation and that of your business. If they voice their opinions directly to you, you could take the corrective action to put the steps in place to improve your business, improve your systems and overall make your client experience excellent.

I could have gotten very upset and have taking things very personally because of what these people had to say. It was also at the start of 2012 and my mind seems to automatically go to the place of WOW! What a way to start the New Year! I started to take things personally, and then I took a step back and said to myself “what am I meant to learn from these amazing clients voicing their opinions to me?”. The learning experiences I took from the situations have allowed me to make structural enhancements, improve selection criteria and systemization of our groups to a new level for 2012, and for that I thank them.

You see it is the way that you think and the thoughts that you have, that will either grow your business substantially or have it struggling and at worst run it into the ground. The above concept is very simple and sounds very easy to implement, my challenge to you is that you catch yourself in the process of negative thoughts and ask yourself what am I meant to learn from this experience, situation or choice that I made, in order to make my business stronger and dramatically improve my relationships with my customers?

Your customers can teach you a lot and one of the most important things to understand is that you need to take your own ego out of the equation, put it aside and listen to your prospects and clients. By listening to them you will grow your business faster and stronger and more sustainable than by not listening and not caring for your clients.

How Long You Hold Onto Things!

Taking things personally is one thing, but how long you hold onto these things is 100% your choice! You’ve heard many people say I am having a bad day. My question is does it have to be a bad day or can it just be a bad moment, a bad hour? It is truly your choice of how long you hold onto these given situations. In fact, taking the advice from earlier in the chapter you should be looking at it as not “bad” but what can I LEARN from these given situations?

A good example is when you got to visit a client and you anticipate taking their order or signing the contract, and things go not the way you thought they would. The client ends up beating you down on price, not giving you the terms that you want, or possibly just not signing the contract and you walk away with no order. For many people they take these situations extremely personally, when you should truly be asking yourself what can I learn from the situation and what was my contribution to the given situation? Simple things like the following:

  • How can I prepare more effective the next time?
  • What research could I have done to improve the situation?
  • What needs to be done to ensure it happens next time?

If you have done all of the above and you still don’t get the contract, do not beat yourself up but rather say “NEXT” and move onto somebody who has the greater potential of becoming your customer.

Well we really want you to get from this, is that how you approach every situation will determine the outcome and results you achieve. You can either look at everything as a learning situation or experience, or let your ego kick in and arrogance take over and not caring about what anybody has to say! From my experience this will be the demise of your business, because without clients you have nothing.

you can email colin at

Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!
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Transform Your Business With A Process That Works For All Types Of Businesses…

Entrepreneur Success Recipe

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Self-Awareness & Self-Observation!

Small Business Solutions…

I believe that your thoughts completely control your destiny in every aspect of your life. Thoughts are also energy whether conscious or sub-conscious and what you put “out there” will show up in your life. This is very much along the lines of the secret and the law of attraction.

There are some things that are so ingrained in us from childhood, whether it be the habits we received from our parents, siblings, etc. or just key experiences that have shaped who we are today. There are many life experiences as a child that dramatically impact who you are as an adult and how you approach things, even as an entrepreneur. We do cover a lot of this at our Business Mastery – Power in YOU! seminar and will be writing an entire book on the topic in the future.

Your thoughts completely dictate what is showing up in your life right now! At the Business Mastery 1 – Power in YOU! event we train people to be extremely self-aware and self-observant in what you say and what you think about the most.

I hear thousands of different life impacting statements every single day that are hindering people from achieving the success they deserve, and the sad part is most people do not even realize that they are doing it.

Here are a few key examples:

  1. I am not good at that.
  2. It’s tough in our industry right now!
  3. I cannot remember names.
  4. I hate looking at my numbers.
  5. People never return my phone calls.
  6. I am not good at doing videos.
  7. It’s hard to find profitable clients.
  8. Our business is seasonal and we are slow in…
  9. The economy has changed.
  10. I don’t like sales or selling.
  11. I keep on getting tough clients!
  12. I don’t have the success formula.
  13. What you teach does not work in my industry.

It’s very simple, until you start reframing these statements you will continue to attract them into your life and business and will keep achieving the same results. Because your mind does not know right from wrong, it will just give you what you say and think about most.

If you say you cannot remember names, guess what, you will never be able to remember names because you keep on reinforcing your mind to think you cannot remember names, every time you say it. The more you say self-defeating statements the more you ingrain them into your being.

There are simple steps you can take to improve the situation and the most important is being self-aware and catching yourself saying or thinking statements that are self-defeating and not enhancing or adding to your life or your business.

When you catch yourself doing it you cannot just switch them automatically and go from one extreme to the other, by saying I am great at remembering names, because your mind will sub-consciously say “bull shitter” and you will revert back to your common belief.

What you need to say is “I am in the process of remembering all names”. Your sub-conscious mind can accept this as it is plausible and the more you say it the more you will believe it, and the better you will become at remembering names.

Now, you can use this in every aspect of your life and business. The more self-aware and self-observant you become about what you are saying and thinking about the more you will increase the success in your own life.

If you are continually thinking about the debt you have or the lack of results, guess what they will continue to show up! You have to really start to reprogram yourself and get into new supportive success statements in all areas of your life.

Be careful though as you do not want to focus on what you don’t want. If you keep on having difficult clients, rather than saying I am finding fewer difficult clients, say I have amazing money making clients coming my way. If you say I am finding fewer difficult clients, your brain is still focused on the difficult clients and they will continue to show-up. In the movie the secret this is clearly explained by the late Mother Theresa who always said she would go to a peace rally but never an anti-war rally – if you focus on anti-war you get war! What you resist persists!

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Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!
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Learn The 7-Vital Business Steps To Creating Massive Sales & Marketing Results…

7-Steps to Massive Success in Business – Step 2

Step 2: Resonate With Your Goals

In order to be massively successful in your business, you must determine what you are targeting or aiming for. You must create a vision for your business. Whether you are a solopreneur or a business with multiple employees, you have to have a vision typed out and put up in your office for where your business is going. The vision is the big picture and where you want to be in the grand scheme of things. When you first start out in business, I am a firm believer that you should have a one year plan and a five year vision. Most business owners do not have a vision for their business, and in fact, most business owners plan their vacations in more detail than they plan their businesses!

Having no vision for your business is equivalent to having your entire family sitting in the fully loaded car waiting to go on vacation, locking up your house, jumping in the driver’s seat, having your spouse ask where you are going and you say on vacation. This means that you could be going anywhere! This scenario describes most business owners on a daily basis: They wake up and do business without a destination in mind. You cannot go on vacation without knowing where you are going and the mode of transport that you are going to use to get there, nor can you do so in your business. When you type out your vision and put it up in a prominent place, it allows your spouse, team, employees, clients and vendors know where you are going so that they are able assist you with fulfilling your vision.

The most important part of creating your vision is ensuring that you resonate with the end goal. This keeps you on target and does not allow you to be distracted by bright shiny objects. Many business owners often chase other opportunities or change businesses because they do not have an end goal with which they resonate. This is the most important part of any business plan and will keep you focused and on track to achieve your desired result.

Once you have the vision for your business created and written down, you can then add your mission, which is the step-by-step process for fulfilling your vision. A business with a vision that takes no action operates on hallucination and a business with a ton of action and no vision is clueless!

Learn The 7-Vital Business Strategies To Achieving Outrageous Sales & Marketing Results In The Next 12 To 24 Months…

7-Steps to Massive Success in Business – Step 1

One of the most important parts of life is understanding what it takes to be successful. There are many factors that make up success, but there are only a few basic fundamentals to me that have aided in my success and that are what I consider to be Power Principles. This chapter will take you through how to be massively successful at anything that you do.  Just make sure you follow the steps in sequence and enjoy – massive success is on its way!

Step 1: Live on Purpose Rather Than Obligation

Firstly, you must have passion and purpose in what you do every day. You have to wake up knowing and feeling on purpose. This took me a long time to realize and figure out. There are many people who exist or live life because of obligation every day, and do the same routine day after day and never achieve the results that they want. Conversely, there are those who find their purpose and go out and change the world.

The most successful brands on the planet started out with a purpose, and then became massive money makers, not the other way around. Take Apple, Starbucks, Make Your Mark Training & Consulting, Microsoft. They all started out with a purpose and the money, success and fame came as result of starting the business with a purpose.  Apple wanted to change the world by challenging the status quo every time;  Starbucks wanted to give people a unique coffee experience; Make Your Mark wanted to inject soul into business and Microsoft wanted to ensure that people could do things more simply and easier with their products. All these companies thrive because of a purpose to help the world and make a difference. So ask yourself the key question, “Am I in business to make a difference or purely for the money?” In my business, we live by the mantra, “When you focus on dollars you will have money to count, and when you focus on people you will have countless dollars.”

Finding your purpose is sometimes considered one of the most difficult things in life. We have been taught in most developed societies to go get educated at school, go to college, get a job and go work and pay taxes. This creates a society of lemmings going out every day doing mostly what they don’t want to do in order to make a living. The majority of people get in a car to go to work every day, spend one to two hours going to a place they do not truly like or resonate with, do a job to make money, then jump in their car, return home and repeat the same process for five or six days a week for a number of years.  Typically, there is little joy or satisfaction in this type of existence.

On the other hand, when you live on purpose every day, as I do, you feel that sleep is overrated because going to bed interrupts your day. You awake each day with a bounce in your step ready to go to assist your clients.  My purpose is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to be massively successful. There is nothing that drives me more than receiving communications from clients saying that their business has skyrocketed because of our 7-step Business Success System.

My definition of living on purpose is doing something that you absolutely love, which feels effortless and is something you would do it even if you were not paid to do it, because you love what it does for other people.