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Personal Relationship Coaching

Why for so many years did I get upset when I was challenged by my wife…  well, I was afraid of being wrong and to be judged by others, especially the person I loved.

Why was so painful, well I had a subconscious pain point that was stamped within me that I didn’t want to face.

How do I deal with this pain? – Face it accept it otherwise this pain would affect my happiness until I die… Do I want to hold onto these pain points? Yes, because this gave me a reason to feel a thought from my past memories…

So many times in my life I have asked myself, do I really want to live like this and my answer is “NO WAY MAN”… So why do I keep this most upsetting thought? I didn’t believe for one second that I created my own pain but the truth is I do create everything that happens in my life, who else creates my life!! Who else makes me sad or mad?

Not my wife, not my children and definitely not the people that are around me… I do it all on my own with no ones help indeed… 

My question to you is, do you feel like this in your life?

Do you feel punished with fear and upsetting feeling at times?

Are people affecting your happiness?

At some point have you looked into the mirror and asked yourself am I unhappy? Is your life filled with these kinda moments of fear and anxiety? 

If so — there is a solution that my wife and I have created that will fix those issues… 

Do you want to live the life of your desires?

Would you do anything to fix it?

Is having a happy life worth it…

I truly believe so…

I know that my happiness is worth IT!!

To learn more about how you can create happiness in your life, contact us at stefanneff53@gmail.com or PM me to find out how you can stop from feeling upset, mad or sad in your life…


Small Business – Achieving Outrageous Results


Colin Sprake will explain to you waht it takes to achieve outrageous results in any small business or as an entrepreneur. Colin Sprake has trained 1,000s of small business to massive success and these principles are key to getting there! Learn more about Colin Sprake and Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc. by visiting them at: http://www.MYMSuccess.com http://www.FaceBook.com/MYMSuccess Register for one of our evenings at http://events.mymsuccess.com/a/rockstar_biz_event Visit one of our business groups: http://www.BESTMindsets.com Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc. specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve maximum profit, time-off and heart in their businesses. All Sales, Marketing and Business Courses, and 1-on-1 programs have been developed to ensure you achieve the desired results in your business. 1,000s have achieved extreme results using our systems and processes. All the business systems and processes are fully developed from life experiences – Colin Sprake does not teach or promote anything he does not do or use himself! His business, sales and marketing trainings all come from in the trenches life experiences. He is by far the best Business Transformation Specialist in the industry today – especially with his big focus on heart and soul in business! His students absolutely love his energy and authentic connection!

Small Business With Soul

It Maybe Time To Do Surgery On Your Business In 2018! Have You Found The Right Business Mentor That Will Assist You On Your Journey To Success? Follow The Path That Many Canadian Businesses Have Found To Be One Of The Most Powerful Business Guru’s In North America Today…

Small Business Owners Should Not Do Heart Surgery

Small Business Solutions For 2018!

There is a huge reason why many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners FAIL in their first 2 years! It’s because many of them do not have the training or education to operate a business.

You would never take a 1st year medical student and ask them to perform detailed heart surgery, why do business owners and entrepreneurs believe that it is possible?

Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Chiropractors and many other disciplines all went to school to specialize in their chosen career, but the saddest part is that many of the curriculums do not include entrepreneurial or business training.

An entrepreneur in their 1st year of business is like a 1st year medical student with a scalpel… extremely dangerous!

Finding a system that you can plug into and follow in order to achieve massive success in your business is vitally important!

The more business knowledge, accountability and mentorship you have in the beginning phases of your business, the greater the chance for being a success story and not a casualty.

We have created a system for people to plug into that combines education and accountability to directly guide business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve success no matter what level you are at.

Most Entrepreneurs are massive locomotives with tons of energy and no solid success rails to run on, we lay the rails of success for you!

If you have any questions, please add them below.

Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!

Boastfulness is generally an admission of an inferiority complex.
Really capable people don’t have to boast about their achievements; they let their actions speak for them. When you boast about your accomplishments, you are telling others that you are unsure of yourself and your value in the world. Baseball manager Tommy Lasorda once noted that there are those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened, and those who make things happen. Strive to be one of those who make things happen. If you show others what you can do, they will respect you far more than if you had simply told them what you’d done. Anyone can quarrel with words, but actions speak for themselves. 

If you don’t know why you failed, you are no wiser than when you began.
There’s an old adage that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So it is with our failures. Unless we learn from our mistakes, we are likely to repeat them until we learn from such experiences and correct our course — or give up and accept temporary defeat as permanent failure. Every setback you encounter in life contains valuable information that, if you study it carefully, will eventually lead you to success. Without adversity, you would never develop wisdom, and without wisdom, success would be short-lived indeed. When you make a mistake, say, “That’s good! I’ve gotten that out of the way. I will never do that again.” You will no doubt make other mistakes, but they won’t bother you nearly as much when you treat them as learning experiences. 

How are you working on the life you want???

What do expect from your dreams? (Everything or Nothing)

Are your dreams coming true? (Sometimes  or occasionally)

Are your dreams coming true? (Yes or No)

Are the same thing always happening to you? (Good or bad)

Do you want to share your thoughts with the people around you? (Always or Never) 

These are questions that you can ask yourself!! 


Thank You Life 101

Pure imagination to our reality…

With our subconscious mind always working.

How do you use your subconscious mind to improve your life’s purpose?

Yes we can use our words to create change in our lives!!

Yes we have influence in our lives that create the motions within ourselves!!

How do we create change in our lives?

Using different words!! 

Changing the people around us that influence us!!

We have the power to change!!

We can use this power to improve our lives today!! 


Thank You Life 101