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Business Mastery – Power In You

Grow your business exponentially!

95% of business success is not what you know, it’s what happens between your ears… your mindset!Just like our 2-hour Business Success Event above, this event is full of valuable content, strategies and tools to get you on the path to massive success in all areas of your life. Colin’s promise to you, “There is no event like this in the world. It’s purely focused on the attendees and when you participate fully, you will accelerate the results you are achieving… guaranteed”.

The most common statement we hear, is “I have been to many other events and this is completely different and really life changing!”

Here are some of the things you will learn at the event:

  • How to grow your business to the next level!

  • Completely remove roadblocks from impeding your growth.

  • Load success software on your hard drive.

  • How to get out of your own way!

  • Learn how to think like the wealthy.

  • How to create massive SUCCESS habits!

  • Maximize PROFIT in your business.

  • How to dream big and achieve results rapidly.

  • How to become an inspired business that people line up to work for!

  • How to Eliminate FEARS and maximize growth!

  • How to earn the MONEY you want & have more TIME OFF!

  • Become part of a massive like-minded community.

  • Network & grow your business – you could walk out with business




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Maximizing Presentations & Keynote Opportunities!

In the past few weeks, I have met with students who were doing presentations for associations, organizations, networking groups, etc., and what I found interesting was how focused they were on delivering a great presentation, and not really focused on the massive opportunity of the audience sitting in front of them.

You have to realize that the window of opportunity is the widest open when the audience is sitting right in front of you. It does not matter how big or small that audience is, you MUST determine what you are going to offer, sell or giveaway to ensure that you have massive success. Yes, you have to create a powerful and value filled presentation, but do not forget about the opportunity. You may think that you can get the list of attendees from the event, and that you can email them after the event. This takes a lot of work and many hours!

At Make Your Mark, I often forgo the upfront speaking fee in order to be able to giveaway a course, and get people registered at the speaking engagement. I know what our results are once a person comes into our funnel (this was discussed in my last BLOG post on June 24, 2014).

There are a number of things you can offer from the stage that can be very soft sell – the goal is to get the audience’s contact details ethically and legally:

  1. You can sell a course, webinar, etc. but this is often frowned upon.
  2. Give away a course that feeds your funnel – you must know your numbers in order to do this.
  3. Give away a webinar.
  4. Create a prize and send around a fish bowl to collect business cards, and do the draw at the front of the room.
  5. Giveaway a door prize, and collect people’s business cards.
  6. Have them like your Facebook page to win a prize.
  7. Put a QR Code up on screen, and have them scan it to win a prize, and drive them to a landing page where you can collect their name and email address.

The most important part is whatever you are giving away or selling has to be directly related to the presentation you were doing on stage, as this must be something they really want, and relevant to your presentation topic. In fact, if you can seed the product or service that you are going to offer all the way through your presentation, then it makes it even an easier sell at the end.

The most important part of all of the above,  is to negotiate with the organizers upfront as to what you want. It is exciting to get paid to speak, yet you may make substantially more by having clients come in to your funnel for the long term. I would much rather have $100,000 over the next 12 months than have a speaking fee upfront of $15,000. The math is simple!.


Make Money In Toronto

Does Money Really Grow On Trees In Toronto

The City Of Toronto Is Growing Money In Glass Buildings

If you are a Toronto business owner, then you are stepping into a life of abundance…

There is money everywhere you look, it’s floating around in front of your door way!

The Opportunities are endless when it comes to money.

When you look up in the night sky, what do you see. You see stars right. How many stars do you see? Probably millions of them floating around your eyes. Just imagine that those stars are like $100 dollar bills and they are in your bank account, you would be a millionaire right!!

There is a secret we all have that is built into our mind, we may have just forgotten how to use our money making Machine that we all have!!
To learn how to master your money machine we have derived a process that will change the way you look at how money works.

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Surrey Small Business Meetup March 14th 2018…

Surrey Small Business Meetup

The opportunity are endless when you are committed to creating success in your life.
So many people say YES but never follow there true feelings when it comes to taking action and actual doing the work necessary to become successful. This is based on fear of the unknown factor of success, so why do people who are successful get through those challenges in their life & businesses and become much more abundant. This is because they are committed to their life long goals, and never stop until they achieve success and if they fail then that failure is a learning opportunity in life. This is the difference between successful people and people that want to be successful!
Be the business owner that is successful.
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Are you waiting for success to arrive, or are you going out to find where it is hiding?

The poet John Milton’s words, “They also serve who only stand and wait,” may be both profound and genuine, but the true riches of life are far more likely to accrue to those who actively go out and seek them. Seldom does success come marching in accompanied by a brass band in full regalia. More often, it’s achieved by those who labor long and hard. Take the initiative, and you will create your own opportunities. There is no substitute for action backed up by a well-thought-out plan.


Here’s Just Part Of What You’ll Learn At This Live Training

How easy it is to dominate your industry and create bigger paydays to make a bigger impact in the world.
How I take businesses which haven’t budged for years and transform them into revenue machines in a matter of months.
Marketing & Sales – learn how to generate more sales, work with better clients and charge higher prices for your products and services.
Innovation – how to refresh what you offer to the market and find new markets for your existing products.
Systems – if you�re going to double, triple (or more) your business then you need the right systems in place so you can spend less time doing the mundane, routine tasks and more time doing what you’re going to learn here at this evening workshop.
Mindset – learn how to replace the negative thoughts in your head with the supporting mindset tools that make you resilient.
Accurate Thinking – once you learn how to clear the emotional fog, your next steps become crystal clear. Learn how to get ahead of your competitors, access brand new markets and open up new revenue centres with ease!!



Are You Feeling Alone In The World…

Are You Feeling Alone In This World We Call Earth.

As I sit here writing you, there are moments of apprehension in my voice to really open up my mind to the world. Are we really alone in this world, do we spend time for ourselves. We often do things for others before we do for the purpose of selfishness. When we do for our neighbors we are doing for ourselves because we want to feel that feeling of giving and how it feels when we receive a thank you from our friends in our lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this action, but we can receive love from ourselves first.

If we did nothing for others would we feel a thought of selfishness?

What do you think?