Can you be defensive and avoid the truth and still be happy in your life?

Can you be defensive and avoid the truth and still be happy in your life?

The direct answer is I don’t think so — and this is why?

When you are defensive that means that fear is approaching…

When you avoid the truth means it is true!!

Yes, it’s true we are creatures of self-preservation even though the truth will set us free from all the pains we are experiencing. 

So why do we run away? 

If we have to face the truth means we may think that our thoughts are wrong! 

I say there is never wrong answers towards the truth only happiness when we face the truth. When we stop the balance of life and avoid means that our feelings will stay with us until the end of your life. 

I don’t want that in my life and I believe that you don’t either. Well, I expect that you want to face what is bothering your life! Yes?

Ask yourself: 

Do I Want More Out Of Life?

Do I want to live without avoiding my issues?

Do I want to Stop defending myself when the truth is in front of me?

Fill in the blanks for yourself and that will be the first step towards self-acceptance first and for most.

If you want to stay where you are now by avoiding and defending then so be it. Then your life balancing act will stay in the victim mode until the end of your life!!

But on the other hand, you are more than willing to accept the truth and move towards living the life you desire then make it your mission and vision to change the way you think!!!

If you have the courage to feel, think & behave differently we are here to serve you towards the life you want!!

To work with us contact me via email at or text me at 778-551-0419 to find out more about creating happiness in your relationship with yourself and others.

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