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Law Of Attraction – The Words We Use Are Creating Our Future Reality


Hello everyone so you know the words we’re using in our lives so every word has a vibration so you use your words like for example love to the word hate so when you are using these words in your life so love has a positive energy vibration towards people and when you are using words like hate your sending a vibrational energy to the people you are talking to even when you are using when using swear words slang words these are negative words that you are using in your everyday life if you are not using these words then fantastic but if you are using these words think about it I use to think and I used those words and how did it create my life from my past to where I am now so it’s a thought so all the words we are using in life create our future!! So what words we use create our future!! So if you use the word can’t means ah you know what the word can’t I can’t do something just listen to the word can’t so the other way is I can use or I can do the words we are using every day influence our lives every moment every second of the day when you are talking to somebody using positive words using everyday if you want talk in a negative way to somebody you will receive it right back it maybe not come at that moment but it’s going to come back a may come back ten minutes later one hour later it doesn’t mater but it will com back some people call it karma but what it is the energy that you are putting out you are going to receive back so you putting out the positive energy positive words positive words are going to back that is the law law of the universe law of everything so use your positive words to create your life that you always wanted in life if you wanted a negative life your going to use negative words so use positive words in every think about it too think before you say ha am I saying a negative word you know what I am going to receive it back everything even when we are writing it typing it in our Facebook in our anything social media that we are doing you know what we are putting out negative words on paper no matter what you singing it typing it thinking it’s all going to come back using positive words your life will change writing positive words your life will change it will change automatically your mindset will change your whole life will change!! This is my thought about positive words create energy in our lives fantastic power of words everyone have a fantastic fantastic day create happiness within your lives bye-bye Law Of Attraction-The Words We Use Are Creating Our Future Reality – Thank You Life 101