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Knowing and Serving Your Target Market

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I was recently in Mexico on vacation with my family and booked our stay at the Grand Palladium Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. I am not normally one to complain but this hotel chain has a lot to learn from other hotel chains in Mexico. I am a huge fan of the Barcelo Group that does an awesome job and is really exceptional value for money.

The reason why I decided to write this post was for you to read about a resort that does not know their target market, or thinks they do but creates a very mixed message. Plus, they do not understand customer service and how to make the customer experience amazing.

You have to remember in your business their are only TWO things people remember:

1. What was the experience with your business.

2. How did you make them feel.

The Grand Palladium is a resort that has two levels of service, standard and the Royal suites. The Royal suites does not allow children and is for couples only. The standard resort is for families, etc. The challenging part that like most of the all inclusive resorts the Grand Palladium has multiple restaurants with different types of cuisine. Sadly, on certain nights the majority of the resort could not go to certain restaurants, as they were catering to couples only… when only 15% of the resort was couples only. As a family resort they should target families, if you are a couples only venue like Sandals Resorts and Hotels, then target couples only and cater toward them.

The Grand Palladium does not know who their market is and seriously irritated many of the families.

Also, you had to book your restaurants each night which is quite standard for most all inclusives, except for the main buffets. Yet, when we went to book the front desk would tell us that we did not have to and later when we went for dinner the Maitre d’ would tell us that we needed a reservation – their was no communication between the front desk and the restaurants.

When we were at the Barcelo Hotel Group in Cabo San Jose they were excellent and have fully secured my business after this experience.

The reason why I write this is to let you know that you should know who you are targeting in your business and ensure you deliver what is required for that market. When you attempt to be everything to everyone, you lose market share.

My overall experience and the feeling that Grand Palladium Resort & Spa has left me with will not have me returning to them. In fact, while at the resort I wrote to their office in Puerto Vallarta and copied the head office in Spain – as of now, 3 weeks later, i have heard nothing!

So, my question to you is, “How are your clients feeling about the experience with your business and how do you make them feel?”

Ask yourself as well, was the service to your last client that you served exceptional?.