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7-Steps to Massive Success in Business – Step 1

One of the most important parts of life is understanding what it takes to be successful. There are many factors that make up success, but there are only a few basic fundamentals to me that have aided in my success and that are what I consider to be Power Principles. This chapter will take you through how to be massively successful at anything that you do.  Just make sure you follow the steps in sequence and enjoy – massive success is on its way!

Step 1: Live on Purpose Rather Than Obligation

Firstly, you must have passion and purpose in what you do every day. You have to wake up knowing and feeling on purpose. This took me a long time to realize and figure out. There are many people who exist or live life because of obligation every day, and do the same routine day after day and never achieve the results that they want. Conversely, there are those who find their purpose and go out and change the world.

The most successful brands on the planet started out with a purpose, and then became massive money makers, not the other way around. Take Apple, Starbucks, Make Your Mark Training & Consulting, Microsoft. They all started out with a purpose and the money, success and fame came as result of starting the business with a purpose.  Apple wanted to change the world by challenging the status quo every time;  Starbucks wanted to give people a unique coffee experience; Make Your Mark wanted to inject soul into business and Microsoft wanted to ensure that people could do things more simply and easier with their products. All these companies thrive because of a purpose to help the world and make a difference. So ask yourself the key question, “Am I in business to make a difference or purely for the money?” In my business, we live by the mantra, “When you focus on dollars you will have money to count, and when you focus on people you will have countless dollars.”

Finding your purpose is sometimes considered one of the most difficult things in life. We have been taught in most developed societies to go get educated at school, go to college, get a job and go work and pay taxes. This creates a society of lemmings going out every day doing mostly what they don’t want to do in order to make a living. The majority of people get in a car to go to work every day, spend one to two hours going to a place they do not truly like or resonate with, do a job to make money, then jump in their car, return home and repeat the same process for five or six days a week for a number of years.  Typically, there is little joy or satisfaction in this type of existence.

On the other hand, when you live on purpose every day, as I do, you feel that sleep is overrated because going to bed interrupts your day. You awake each day with a bounce in your step ready to go to assist your clients.  My purpose is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to be massively successful. There is nothing that drives me more than receiving communications from clients saying that their business has skyrocketed because of our 7-step Business Success System.

My definition of living on purpose is doing something that you absolutely love, which feels effortless and is something you would do it even if you were not paid to do it, because you love what it does for other people.