What The F–k Was I Thinking When I Was A Self Serving Asshole…

Have you ever thought is more in life then pleasing others. Have you thought do people real like me for me. Well the thing is that I most hated about life in the past was not knowing who I am inside. This bugs the hell out of me for so many years it real did make me feel crazy inside. What are people saying about me behind my back. Well Who F–ken CARES what people think well I did for so many years. Why did I care so much? Because I didn’t like who I was, what I did for my job and what was my life at that time. The thing that bugged me was I did so much for people and what did I receive back I thought. You bunch of complete assholes I thought to myself. You are all in this for a free ride from my goodness in my heart. Well this was absolutely not true, I was in it for ME. I wanted love from people that I didn’t receive from when I was a little child or something crazy like that. Well to tell you the truth YES I was doing for me and me only. I was such a selfish son of bitch that I didn’t think about what I was doing in my life. I was self serving it was all about ME ME ME!! I thought it’s time to change things about myself.
How did I change my life???