I was asked this from a Facebook friend a few days ago can you teach my husband how to cook because he stop cooking with me when we moved to a different city and now he doesn’t what to cook anymore…

What would you like your husband to cook for you?

I wanted my wife to give me a plate full of love and understanding for so many years!

There is more than one person who wants it more than ME “Love that is” we can give love without asking for love back in our lives. “What are you talking about”!

I gave so much understanding to my wife!

Is giving without expecting anything in return the question?

This was the most painful moments when I gave to my wife, “I can say with experience that I wanted my wife to appreciate everything that I gave her for so many years”.

What I got in return was more of the same NOTHING but wanting more that I didn’t want to give her because she was expecting more from me.

I didn’t care for myself worth in my life!

Again what the heck are talking about???

I was seeking attention from other people that I didn’t receive when I was a young child growing up!!!

This was my inner mechanism working overtime within ME!!!