Where are we finding our lost emotions deep beneath the measures of thought within…

The transition of mind & body with our “Subconscious Mind”

This is me at 6 years old Stefan Neff


The point where I lived with pain in my life when I felt alone. I would often feel like people are making fun of me when I couldn’t talk properly, words would come out backwards and then kids would laugh at me.

This brought pain to my eyes feeling all alone in this world, nobody understood my feelings.

My parents said to me suck it up Stefan nothing to cry about you will be ok.

Well there was something wrong with me, I didn’t like my parents when they told me to be strong without telling how to be ok.

I felt all alone in this world only to learn on my own. Leaving me to fend for myself suck it up Stefan.

This was my measure of understanding how the world worked against me never wanting to understanding others in my life now.

What has changed in my life today with a new understanding how to use the subconscious mind to heal my fears now?

To see who I was as a child, and except those feelings that was creating my fears in my life.

There is only one person that can heal me and that is “ME”.