Where is your healing point start in life…

The feeling that we are holding pain inside our subconscious mind for our own benefit

There is a starting point in ones life that we can be sure of with the new understanding of the use of the subconscious mind and how we use it.

So why are we still holding on to our pains in life?_______

We want to feel the importance of our pains that we have, to show to others around us how much pain we are feeling.

Think of the time when you were a little kid and some the feelings you felt.

Did you want to be seen and heard from your mother or father please look at me I am feeling pain in my life.

You couldn’t get the ice cream or something you really wanted and were told no, how did that make you feel at that time.

These are feelings that we have in our life NOW that are recurring time and time again and without the understanding of why!!!

“This is the subconscious mind working over time showing you what is bothering you in your life”