The airplane was full of disappointment as if I didn’t even exist in this world

I told you yesterday that we were going to visit my sons family 4000 miles away.

It was the day of our flight to hell and back from life’s disputed territory within our thoughts.

We boarded the plane with apprehension and doubt in my mind whether or not I was going to feel uncomfortable in a trapped situation.

As the airplane was taking off, all I could think about was getting free alcohol on board, well this was what I was dreaming of all week before I stepped on board.

I didn’t wait too long before the first words out of my mouth was beer please.

Well the beers didn’t stop coming and coming until they said no more sir you have had enough.

Well I thought if your not going to serve me, I am going to help myself to the liquor, every time I went for a walk I would take one of there small bottles of wine until I couldn’t walk anymore.

I feel asleep just like a man without a purpose just before breakfast was about to be served, but that didn’t matter to me.

I woke up two hours later as the airplane was landing, good I thought ready to see the land of the rising sun again.

A few day’s had past with a joyful feeling in the air everything was going good until money came into the conversation, she asked me how much money did I bring with you.

Well I said with a unsure voice not much why? She said how are you going to pay for food and traveling around with us.

“What are you talking about” “I said” and “I told you already”  I don’t have much money you know that before we came here.

What she forgot or didn’t want to mention to me was she had lots of money in her own bank account in her own country.

Well I exploded with anger and disappointment in my voice.

I said you are a liar and a manipulator towards the real truth about yourself.

I felt trapped in a country with nothing for me to feel in my soul of life that was forbidden to say to nobody that would listen to me, because I didn’t speak there language at all and no one cared what I said anyways because I was an unimportant person to people.

I wanted to escape from this situation and run away from my pains so I did.

So Every night I would leave the house and go to the grocery store to buy beer and get drunk to forget who I’d become in my life, why am I here on this planet?

 Why am I here in this god forsaken country where the sun rises like nobody even knows I exist.

I will be back tomorrow with an exciting moment from this true story of love and hate within our souls to be spoken in a unbelievable tale of what became of our life.

For there was a story that was written from my past within this link.