With my life growing everyday for the future is falling into place

I haven’t wrote my life story for a few day’s

As my past was filled with so much pain and suffering. There can be clarity beneath the surface of my skin for all to see. This left me alone and distraught as still wanted to drink so many years ago. As I see now for what I have told you was filling me with a new hope that I had changed my life around.

But when l look back at those memories from my past, I will tell the story about how I healed my pains with my wife within myself.

It wasn’t always so pretty as we had so much pain inside us both, but I can tell you is we moved forward with a new outlook on life.

I will move back in with my wife, for this was a comment to our relationship that I will tell more often. Please bare with me for a moment while I give her a hug good night.