What was our next step to fix our broken relationship from just surviving our toxic life we were living for so many years to being happy in our life that was going to be in the future. How is going to be a possible with the tools that we had in our hands. Are there ways to fix our life I thought to myself with hoping eyes. Just my thought was are going to be able too live in the same house together with still a lot of pain and anger between each other.

What was tomorrow going to bring to our lives after the meeting with the immigration service, are we going to be ok now. Well there was still so much to heal in our relationship after that day, are we going to live in the same house or am I going to stay at my escape house where I could still drink alcohol and do my drugs these were my pains that I need to heal in my life at that time in the past. I had responsible to deal with I was a soccer coach child to look after still had to make money, and all that time I wanted to get drunk every single night. Why do I do this to myself I thought to myself, there is more in life to be had but I was in so much pain because my with didn’t want to be with. I tried to be the best I could be with my sons but even that wasn’t enough for her to love me. I thought time will heal all wounds in our life, this was I was tought by my mother. Well she was mistaken, time only makes people think about the pains we have in our life. This my feelings I felt in my life, my I going to let time tick by waiting for the pain just to disappear magically or am I going to confront my fears head on. 

Tomorrow is a new day to write some more about my life’s true story of pain and suffering from within my heart.