The Immigration Service Wanted Our True Story To Be Told From Within The Confines Of A House Without Love In Our Hearts. The Stories Between Us Must Be Right Or Eles They Were Going Back To There Country 4000 miles away.

I have been telling you about my past life living in a toxic relationship that must be told.

My wife was starting to feel much better, her speech had almost returned completely and she was walking normally now. But sometimes she would slip back into her deep sleep sometimes, but for the most part she was better, because she still got very angry with me at times. I lived part time at there house and half the time at my escape home to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. She got a letter in the mail from the immigration service requesting an interview with us, to see if we had a real marriage. We were trying to make it work but still we didn’t have a happy life together. We had a date set two months away, we talked about what we needed to know about each other to have our story match one other so we could fool them with a made up story about us. But this was an impossible task to pull off. I couldn’t even remember when her birthday was and she didn’t even care when my birthday was. So how would we pull this off without the real truth about our relationship that we had. I started to stay at there small apartment to have a greater understanding about who my wife really was. Time was ticking before our dredging day that was about to come, wondering if this going to be the end for our life together or if they were going to be sent back packing. We practiced for days and days before our day of reckoning was upon us with a fear in my heart do I really want to have this feeling in my life. My thought was we are going to make this work. The day was here off we went to the man who was going to decide our fate for us. We arrived with so much apprehension the room was so cold my hand were clammy. The man that we meet had a straight face with no expressions like a robot with one mission to do and  Ready to spite our family apart. They interviewed me first with so many questions about my wife’s favourite things and what we did the days before what movie we watched her birthday of course. This went on for an hour or so, I was finally done. Then it was her turn to be grilled like a chicken over hot coals. I waited out in the main office with our son wondering what was going to be in our life after this unbelievable happening that was our life. The interview went on for an hour and half much longer than I thought. The door opened up and with a smile on both of there faces, he said to us HAVE A GREAT LIFE TOGETHER WOW I SAID TO MYSELF.

But this story isn’t over yet with more to come tomorrow about our toxic relationship…