How My Wife Started To Walk & Talk Again After Her Near Death Experience 

In My story yesterday I talked about how my wife was unable to walk or talk after her near death experience but when I gave her a drink of alcohol would create such an effect on her brain.

This was good news and gave me confidence in the next few days she started to get much better than before, but still a long way to go yet. Our son was coming back from his visit with his grandmother house 4000 miles away in the week to come. But how was she going to look after her own son if she can’t even look after her self yet. I made an appointment with a specialist to find out what caused this situation in her brain. The doctor did some basic motor skills tests on her and found absolutely nothing wrong with her brain. I was still confused to why this had occurred to my wife on that unforgettable day over 10 day previous to her visit to the doctor. Day’s went by with much progress in her ability to walk and talk now with our son to arrive two days away. When he arrived at the airport our son asked me  right away what’s wrong with mummy she looks sick daddy. I looked my wife and gave a look like do we tell him our story of what happened to us on that day two weeks ago. We decided to tell him the whole story from the beginning to the end. ” HE SAID DADDY I WILL LOOK AFTER MUMMY FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE AT WORK” This brought me to tears when he said that, “WHAT A GREAT SON WE HAVE I THOUGHT” There were times at night were she would just fall asleep for no reason at all just fade away to nothingness and this was going on since the beginning. Our sone often would cry when his mummy fell asleep like this because he wasn’t sure if she ever wake up again. I assure him that mummy will be ok, it will take a little more time to heal her brain she will get better soon.

I will Be back Monday with More about My unbelievable story of pain and agony within my life.

Our Time Was Up We Were To Have Our Meeting With The Immigration service about if our marriage was “REAL” or “NOT”