My Wife’s Near Death Experience On NEW YEARS EVE 

In my story yesterday I told you about how I started to panic and was screaming at her WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU ARE NOT DYING NOW. I found the streath in her to fight for life and come back to me because there was more to live for on this planet. I made her throw up and release what was inside her stomach. Well she did with such vigor her eyes started to open, but there was still something wrong with her mind. She couldn’t talk or even walk anymore, she was numb from head to toe her forehead was stone cold like she was sitting in cold water for hours ready to die. I didn’t want to phone the ambulance because she still didn’t have a medical plan. I was so afraid of what might come. I said to myself well I must go or she will DIE IN MY ARMS. I carried her lifeless body to my car with her barely breathing on her own, I was only five minutes away from the hospital in our little town. I ran into the emergency area screaming my wife is dying, but to my horror they were unable to help me because of there rules within the hospital about helping people from the parking lot. Well I was so mad at the world for creating such stupid rules MY WIFE WAS DYING AND THEY DIDNT EVEN CARE. I brought her into the emergency room and they said have a site well I said she is DYING but they is she still breathing, “I SAID YES BUT YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME THAT SHE MIGHT DIE. They said she will be ok for now nothing to worry bout sir. As time went on so many injured people in the hospital that night because of so many people being drunk because of NEW Years EVE. Finally she got treatment from a doctor, but the couldn’t find anything wrong with her. They where confused by her condition, they even went so far as to contact a specialist in our major city, and even they couldn’t find anything else wrong with her. They she is resting ok now so she can go home in the morning. I asked can she walk yet, they replied with we are not sure if she will Ever WALK AGAIN only time will tell. 
I will be back tomorrow with the nexted chapter of my unbelievable tale of PAIN AND DISPAIR in my life.