The Day we got Remarried together Without love in our Heart

I remember the day like it was yesterday when we got remarried, looking for a free pass to citizenship without love. The plan was to just fake it for the reasons that were overwhelmed feeling to have her and my son sent back to there country 4000 miles away from my control. I couldn’t get them out of my mind if they were gone from my sight because they might be deported without cause. I look for seasons to let them go but there where no other options to be seen. So we went for it for all it was worth in the world, if they found out what we were up to they would definitely recommend to everyone who has been watching us with unbelievable concern to help themselves to say goodbye forever. I had a plan in my mind to save them from the grasp of the immigration service to guide them back to shame again, this wasn’t going to happen to me. I started to realize that in order for this to work we had to start a real relationship that was full of love. Well the only way for this to be true I had to change my way of thinking, for this so incredibly hard work for my head to figure out how to make happen. The times we spent with each other was starting to pay off, for our life was about to change forever more. Months went by with still with a uneasiness about our relationship to be more than just a marriage without love, but our son needed to have a father in his life. Our son wanted to play soccer in September as a father that played the game when he was a child growing up, this a moment of joy for me. I was willing to do anything it took to make this a reality in his life. I signed him up, but went though some difficult time trying to sign him up without a credit card. I found a way with cash only, this had to meet with the lady in charge of all the soccer teams involved. I meet her at the evaluation day wondering what was going to happen. Well for this was one of my most memorable moments in my life, she asked me if I could coach his team because nobody was interested in helping with his team. I said absolutely YES YES I would do it without hesitation in my throat. For this was my chances to make a difference between myself and my sons mother. 

I will be back tomorrow with more of this storyline to be told. 

What was about to happen will make your eyes weep with tears of pain.

Until next time be happy to your partners in love and within your heart.

From Friday’s post you will see what was told.