My son missing his family 4000 miles away

In yesterday’s post there was no love in our hearts only loneliness with my soul. I was told that our son wanted to go back to his country for a visit 4000 miles away. I said what and who is going to pay for this, is definitely not me. She said well you don’t need to go then if you don’t want to pay for it, well you think you are going to pay for it. You said you don’t have any money, that’s why I am paying for your rent. We’ll she said I have some money saved up for this trip. What are you talking about are you kidding me,you are hiding money for yourself. This was unbelievable to here such a story of lies and betrayal of the worst kind. I said well you can go but don’t come back at all for your a terrible person. We fought for hours upon hours until I felt her home in disgust and went straight to the liquor store for numbing of my pains that I was about to find a way to hide and escape my family once again. The next few day’s went by with no contact from each other for this was a pattern of mine to seek refuge in a bottle. I finally went knocking at her door with a thought of talking about it because I wanted to get back in the house that was becoming my second home. We decided to all go to back to there country 4000 miles away, but still wondering where the money was coming from to pay for this trip. The tickets were bought and in the next few months we where off and flying away for a three week holiday well that’s what I thought it was, but that wasn’t what happen. I will tell you in tomorrow’s post what transpired after we bored the airplane. 

Until next time when the fires started to burn in motion.

With love there was pain from the past was yesterday.