I have a secret to tell just don’t tell anyone 

There can be good husbands and there can be absolutely horrific people with anger within them. When my son and ex-wife arrived with open hearts in there souls, how could I hide the fact I was growing marijuana in my back yard. My life was living two lives having a real job and coming home to look after my little garden. At this time my ex-wife didn’t understand me and what was most important in my life. This was working then drinking and smoking marijuana every chance I got. It was October by the time I felt the pressure about hiding all the activities I was involved in this was a full time job just trying to hide the truth. We didn’t speak much because she was looking after our son and I was trying to make a living and selling drugs through a friend who I can call drug man, that I need to go see twice a week to collect drug money. She would ask me so many times if I would spend time with our son but I said I was to busy to look after him. My job was to make money any way I could, not wasting my time with family and friends that I didn’t even know. They felt like strangers with no feelings towards me because she doesn’t love me anymore, why should I care. Day’s turned into weeks then months, I started to spend more time with my son all the time still wondering why they are still staying with me but they had nowhere to go. The only thought was they couldn’t go back to there country because my son didn’t want to loose his father again, this I used for my advantage over her. I lived on a large farm with so many places to hide my pains and fears, that nobody needed to see me crying and getting drunk by myself in a place that nobody could find me. There my life went by like a shadow in the wind and rain dripping on a tin roof. This started to feel like a difficult situation in which the two of us we’re starting to get irritated by each other. She was getting annoying now because I couldn’t do what I wanted anymore. This was unbelievable to listen too much longer getting yelled at was unbearable, I started to yell back at her in front of our child. The next few day’s became a nightmare full of anger and hatred towards each other, nothing but betrayal and lies of a broken record that was told by a lonely road to hell. What happened to my frosted life was becoming more than I could believe anymore. I went to work the next and when I came home they were gone and for day’s I reach for answers behind my soul. What I am about to tell you must keep a secret… Till tomorrow 

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