For this is the forbidden fruit of my soul my son and ex-wife were coming back hopefully they don’t go to jail again 

I was told that for life become fruitful, I was to put on an act for all to see me for who I real was in my life. This was so hard to fake to the people that new me. I was a horrible person inside and out knowing all but being nothing to myself. These were my true feelings in my life at that time. We can lie to people but we can’t lie to ourselves for who we are. My ex-wife was coming back to see what a waste of skin I was, wow anther frightening moment like last time going to jail and getting sent back in shame. This time couldn’t be so different from wishing to hoping for the best. The day had come again, but I was so ready. I knew what date and what time they were coming. No mistakes this time I thought to myself. I was waiting at the arrival terminal with hope on my face and fear on my mind. The phone rang in my pocket, I answered it with apprehension in my throat. It was the immigration department at the airport asking me so many questions about every detail of my son and ex-wife. Where they were staying and if I was going to be there only home that they were staying at and if she was here to work for me. I said YES AND NO and ask were I was now. I told them I was waiting right out side the terminal. This was the final day for me, I thought to myself this is it now they are coming now. As time felt like it was standing still and people didn’t have faces anymore, I was like a being without a body. I looked over and saw what was them, there was every emotion running through my whole body. I hugged them like it was the first time I ever meet them, there was no words to be spoken expected “I love you so much” they were here wow so happy. 

This story has more twists and turns that will be told in the next story that you will be so mad at me, but this must continue with the this story.

This story will be told not without a beginning click here to see more from the past post.

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