Going to court to get full custody of my older son with no mother to be found so he could have a father legally to call his own.

In my last post yesterday I had told the story about going to court to get full custody of my older son to get him a passport to go to Disneyland. This was a road to unforeseen troubles ahead with having a new judge that was on the bench. I walk into the court room with hope in my eyes and in my heart that I was coming out with the paper work that was nessary to fulfill my dreams. Well the judge told me that I didn’t have the right to have full custody of my son that I have had for six years on my own. This was my only hope for the Disneyland trip to be fulfilled. I left the court room with tears in my eyes and with a angry look on my face and sat down on a chair beside the court room door just looking up at the sealing and wondering why me. In the distances I saw the court appointed social worker that was looking after my case on my behalf, as she approached me and said the judge wanted to see you again. I said for what reason? She said he wants to hear your story about your life as a single father. Well this was great news I thought to myself, as I went back into the court room with a bewildering look on my face. The judge ask me do you still want full custody of your son? “I said yes I do your honour” He told me I must go up on the stand and put my hand on the bible and so honourly swear I will tell the truth so help me god. There was at lest fourth to fiffty people in the court room staring at me with glaring eyes, waiting for me to tell my story about what happened in my life leading up this day in court and why I want custody of my boy that was waiting for his father to bring him good news from this unbelievable day that he has been hoping for. I started the story from the beginning when he was born. I talk about how his mother left me before he was born and that he didn’t even know that I was his father up until he was three years old. I told the judge that she was a heavy drug user and drug dealer. She had stolen checks from my family to buy more drugs when my son was five years old. I told the judge that I enrolled him in kindergarten and was the main caregiver up to now. The judge stopped me and said you don’t need to go on anymore, I grant you full custody of your son. Well the whole court room stood up and started cheering and clapping for me  well I had never felt so much joy in my entire life before this moment. This was so unbelievably that this only happens in the movies, I thought. I walk out of the court room and went to the processing department in the court house and received the paper work nessary for my son to go to Disneyland now. 

This story had a beginning that you must read click here to find more of the story.

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