After my son and ex-wife went to JAIL AT THE AIRPORT they vowed never to return 

I went through the pile of garbage that was my life that I was living. My son and ex-wife had been sent back to there country after spending tweety four hours in jail at the airport in Vancouver, well this was so much bullshit to be treated like a common criminals. I thought the world wasn’t so cruel to good people, but she wasn’t so nice I thought after wards but still my ex-wife did nothing wrong and my son at the age of 4 years old didn’t deserve such a cruel world in front of him. As time went on I slumped into a hole so deep there were beer cans everywhere and cigarette butts piling up beyond imagination. I created the idea that I could start making money by growing marijuana in my back yard. My back yard wasn’t just a back yard, this was my paradise I thought. The plants growing like skyscrapers eighth feet tall and so beautiful for the eyes to see. I never thought this was the life that was attended for me but it was mine to live and nobody else’s. I felt like a king now having no friends nothing worth living for. There was young man that was forgotten about, I had a second boy ten years older than my son living so far way. He was living with me growing up without a mother and his father was so fixated on getting drunk and stoned to ease the pain NO hide from all responsibilities in life. My older son was now fourteen years old and missed the time with his father and hadn’t seen his mother in six years. I was a single father but he was all alone in this world. That summer he wanted to go to Disneyland with his friend and his parents, well this a opportunity of a life time for him. I made my main goal that he was going to go toDisneyland no matter what it took. But there was one problem, he needed to get a passport to go. I had to go to the court to receive full custody of my own son that has been living with me for eight years. What I thought would be easy to get because she was nowhere to be found, I thought they would say of course you can receive full custody. But that wasn’t what happened to me, they said you must try to find his mother. I had 30 days before the nexted court date, and was going to Disneyland in six weeks. There was only hope on my mind. I tried finding her everywhere nobody new where she was or even where she ended up, even her own family didn’t know where she went. The court date was fast approaching with no results, well I said to myself I tried. The day had arrived to let the judge make his decision, as I arrived in the court room to my surprise and a grimm came upon my face. There was a new judge that was on the bench to procide on my case. This is not the end of this story by any means, stay tuned tomorrow for the conclusion that will blow you away.

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