Why did my wife love my son more than me

Is there a written rule in life that our children must come first. Is this true? Are our children’s needs meet click here to find out… As my life was turning into a nightmare without my son, there was a empty feeling deep inside my stomach. I didn’t want to show to anyone around me my pain because I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me. But it was the opposite feeling I had within my heart. I wanted to tell everyone about how bad she was and how mean she was to hurt me like this. For the next year or so there was very little contact between us. Because of the hateful words that where spoken to each other. I didn’t want to even think of what she even looked like, this made me feel so angry and more pissed off when someone asked how is your son doing. I said I have “NO IDEA AND I DON’T CARE” All I cared about was getting that six pack of beer at the end of the day and drinking my pains away from my mind and smoking drugs to hide from my true feelings. For that whole year I never heard from them at all, until she phoned me to send more money that I didn’t want send and didn’t have. I made so many excuses why I couldn’t send money. She also wanted me to send her my birth certificate so my son could get his citizenship papers done. I said to her why should I do that for, you are never going to come to see me again. But wait she said I never said I was coming to see you but we are thinking because he misses you so much, he wants to see you again. Well this was a surprise to me, why now I said in a argumentative manner. At the end of the conversation she we will come in the nexted few months but we need to get all these paper work stuff done before we come. So I thought this might be a great opportunity to make the best out of a terrible situation. “THEY WERE COMING BACK AGAIN WOW” But this was a absolutely unbelievable story of painful moments that you can’t MISS. The story will continue on Monday.

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