Lightning a fire beneath my feet and looking for the exit door that was nailed shut

In the previous story the unexpected was about to be unfolded right before my eyes. I was only looking for love in a toxic relationship that was breaking down fast as if there was no tomorrow left in my world. What I thought was giving everything that I had to give to my family but it wasn’t good enough in her mind. Well we started to argue more and more everyday like two wild animals fighting over the last piece of meat left on the bone. There where times that I wanted her to go back where she came from and never ever come back to my country. Well this wasn’t fare away from the truth we had a furious argument with our young child watching his parents being so abusive towards each other. The last thought out of my mouth was why don’t you just get out and go back where you belong. She said I don’t understand what you just said, and I repeated in a slower pace voice “do you understand English I want you to leave me alone” well she started to hit me in the face with so much anger that her hand started swell up every time she hit me. I turn to my son and said this is how much your mummy hates me, what did I do so wrong to deserve this kinda abuse I repeated over and over again. The next day they were gone to the airport on the next flight out. I thought to myself good riddens to this toxic relationship now. “BUT THIS WASN’T OVER BY A LONG SHOT” There was more to be told in the next few years that you won’t believe what happened nexted. 

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