There is always possibility in life that we live 

Take a look at your life ten years ago and ask yourself have I learned more than I could have. Am I living the same way as I was. Am I growing to be more in life. Are my relationships bigger than me. Are you telling yourself I will do better in the future. Is there a time in your life that you can take forward to the future and say I did all that I was meant to do in life. Pick a number from 1-10 and see where you sit on the happiness scale of life. If you are at a 10 you are perfect and that is impossible. If you are 5 or 6 you can always improve yourself and be better than you are now. If you are sitting between 7-9 you are living the life. If you are below 5 you are in need of guidance in your life. If you are below 5 that means you drink to much smoke as habit you maybe doing drugs to escape reality, you maybe depressed at times you are unhappy with your life in a general. Is there a way to improve your life, there is always a way to improve oneself to change is to forward in life. “You can make a difference in your life”