I found a solution to get out from my toxic relationship 4000 miles from home…

The story is unraveling Beneath my feet 4000 miles from home. As the day became shorter to its end, I decided to lie my way out of the toxic relationship that I was in. My next move was to figure out how to tell the perfect lie. So this is what I did, I told my toxic wife that my older son 4000 miles away was in the hospital and I need to be with him because he was calling for me to come. There was some truth to it but only some, then I told her that I was going to prepare myself to move to were I was most uncomfortable 4000 miles away. This was a full out lie to get out of jail card that I used that I thought was a great solution at that time haha to them I said to myself. As I was leaving to get onto the airplane there was a sinking feeling in my gut, wow I am really doing this for relief, what a terrible thing to do why am I such a looser I thought.

What happen before this story began find out in the previous post click here to find out what was so painful in my toxic relationship that I decided to jump ship and swim home.

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