Far from home and feeling alone

As the story is continuing into the toxic relationship without trust in our hearts. Traveling to the land of mistreatment of my soul, when I decided to travel 4000 miles to see my son with love in my heart and hate in my mind. My mind was so mixed up with fear there was nothing but emptiness in my life when I left my comfort zone of home. Leaving my home for something that would change my life forever more. When I was getting on the airplane there was many feelings going through my mind. “why am I going” “what’s going to become of this life of mine” “Am I going to get hurt” I had ten hours of deep thinking to feel so many fears. When I was landing, all I could think of was what am I going to say to my wife that felt me for a better life without the toxic relationship that she was living with me.

Before I left on my journey 4000 miles away from home. CLICK HERE