Are you doing all that is necessary to be happy in your life or are you holding onto your guilty thoughts that are dragging you down

I read a story a few days ago about letting go of guilty feeling that we are keeping inside our thoughts, that are holding us back in life. These feelings that this person was holding onto was so painful it made me wonder why? Painful guilt is one of the main reason why people become sick or stress out in life, because guilt will often be the same as abusing themselves or even abusing others around them. They want people to feel sorry for them to make there lives more important than the pain itself. “Why is this so I ask myself” is this the easy way out to feel pain from guilt that we are creating in our hearts and thoughts. Well often times we don’t even know we are doing it because people don’t want to say the real truth to the person that is creating the pain. Is this our society today  is to hold onto the feelings of guilt not tell the truth because it may hurt that person. Think about it for a second if you don’t tell that person the truth are you not hurting them by not saying anything about what is real going in there lives.