Allow yourself to be happy

“The power within you”

When I was growing up my father said to me “WHAT ARE YOU GOOD FOR” “WHY ARE YOU SO DIFFICULT” “ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME” WHY ARE YOUR FRIENDS HERE” These were words that he told me through out my childhood. As I was growing up I felt like I was never good enough for him, I needed to be more. These were words of discouragement towards me. I was looking for a reason why I wasn’t who he wanted me to be. He thought that I could be better than he was, But deep down he was jealous of ME.

The reality was I didnt want to be better than my father only good enough in life. As I grew older into my adult years there was feelings “WHY AM I HERE ON THIS PLANET”  having children of my own now do I want to be better than them. I want my children to grow up and do what makes them happy in life with encouragement every moment of there lives. I am learning to be happy in my life, by being open to many feelings that are in my life now, growing everyday every moment to feel what is important to me. We as humans want to be happy in our lives, allow these feelings to become you in your lives.img_2150-2