What are human beings fears

                         What are mans fears
Human beings fears are taught to us from when we were little children, told not to touch something because you might break it. Told the stove is to hot you will get burned if you touch it. Putting fear into our thoughts with the words that they have spoken. Human fears can be the fears of intimacy in relationships with partners in there lives, Fears of rejection and the unknown feelings in life. As parents we are teaching these feelings to our children how to be afraid. Often times we are afraid of not being number one or the best at something in our lives. Sometimes just being afraid of being around a crowd of people. Told don’t talk to strangers you might get kidnapped, strange people might try to hurt you. These fears often will turn into phobias and Mental health disorders later in life. Creating more issues and thought that create our reality in the future not being able to trust people for example. As parents we are supposed to teaching our children about life “NOT” to put fear into there minds. I believe that parents think they are protecting there children but the truth is we are hurting our children  by showing them how be afraid in this world.
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