Life path with Stefan & Tomoko

  Life Path With Stefan & Tomoko                          

   Married Divorced & Remarried 

 • We meet for the first time.

 • Living together with love in our hearts.

 • Having a long distance relationship.

 • Getting married in Japan.

 • Honeymoon period.

 • Getting pregnant.

 • Our child was born into this world.

 • Wife wanting to get a divorce after my abuse.

 • The feeling after divorce.

 • Our child was missing his father.

 • Wife and child arriving in Canada after years apart.

 • Wife and child going to jail at the Vancouver airport.

 • Family sent back to Japan in shame.

 • Feeling alone in this world.

 • Long distances communication with family in Japan.

 • Meeting again after many years apart.

 • Living together again with anger and pain.

 • Getting remarried without love.

 • Living together with abuse.

 • Moving to a transitional house for abused women.

 • Wife is a single mother.

 • A mothers near death experience.

 • Our families healing process.

 • Communication between each other.

 • Our life changing moment.

 • Healing our family together with love in our hearts.

 • Wife started to support Japanese women from Japan.

 • Healing the world with words.

 • Working together for a common goal.

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