Leaving this world without regret

There are times in our lives where we feel like we should have could have done something that we wanted to do but there was a thought that we didn’t have the time to do or were unable to do, and deep down in our hearts we really wanted to have happen in our lives. These are feelings of regret that we have in our subconscious thoughts. For example wanting to be an artist, fly a airplane and having that full life that you thought you didn’t have. These often times feel like unbelievable dreams. There are moments in our life that we should have told a loved one how we really feel inside our hearts but were afraid of what they might think of us. Take the time that we have on this planet that we call our home. Allowing yourself to say and do everything that you want in life. Allowing yourself to believe in the possibilities in life without regret. I believe that our lives can have the most important moments without regret. Allowing yourself to do anything that comes into your mind and be who “YOU” want to be, say what you want to say in life. Fly that airplane, paint that master piece without regret. These are important feelings that mean something in your life before our life are finished on this world. Don’t just dream it “believe it to be true in your thoughts” all dream can come true with the understanding of who we real are on this planet and what we want to do in our “LIVES”.

Your imagination creates dreams allows reality to become you.