Cutting our negativity umbilical cord

I had so many negative feelings in my life. Starting when I was a child. My parents saying we didn’t have enough money, life was hard work a can’t do attuned when I was growing up. Watching my parents become angry with each other and the world as a whole. As a child I was taught this way. I wanted to make my parents happy by copying how they lived there life with negativity. All I could think was how to get through to the next day with my pains that I was feeling everyday. I wasn’t allowed to show fear nor angry towards them for how they where thinking about life, was this the life that I wanted to live in the future. Do I want to teach my children that it was ok to think about life in a negative way, and watch my children grow up in a negative world.

I didn’t know that what happens in the past was what I created in my life NOW.

Thank you life 101