Don’t answer these questions if you aren’t ready to make changes in your life

Answer these questions (YES OR NO) and why
Do you look back into the past thoughts in your life?
Do you look to the future and wonder what is to come?
Do you think only about what is the now in your life?
When you look into a mirror what do you see in yourself?
When you see a angry person how does it make feel?
When you get angry how do you feel afterwards?
when you get hurt what do you do?
When you think people are hurting you how does it make feel?
How do you make yourself happy in your life?
Do you make other people happy before yourself?
Do you love yourself?
When you look up into the sky what do you see?
Do you believe you can be happy?
Do you need people to like you for you to feel loved?
Are you willing to find your fears in your lives?
Do you feel comfortable with in your life right now?