Pursuing happiness 

Pursuit of happinessWhy am I here in this universe?

That is a question that I have been asking my self from the start of my lives over the millions of years ago to now. I am not sure why but it seem to be touching me all the time. I can feel it around me and running throw me every moment. I don’t want it I am fighting it why am I fighting so much means I am not ready to see it and willing to accept it. There is so many question that are with in me. The answers are with in your self.
When the sun shines upon us so many living things grow Beneath us. While we sleep there is motion all around us water flows, grass grows trees die. When we dream Fantasy comes true reality sets in. Our mind is filled with such passion when we dream, why do we dream. Feel so strong sometimes scared filled with fear as we have known within our dreams that we keep with a lock and key. 


Stefan Neff