Change requires some work, a vision, some strategy ,and commitment. it requires that you live for today, reflect on the past, and prepare the future.

Live in the moment

Life is not a dress rehearsal you get one chance at this moment quick what are you going to do with it?

Sleep play video games gossip complain eat?

Whatever you decide to do with each moment make sure you live it.

We spend a lot of our time planning our future.
We make goals and we think about what we will do Someday.
This is an important part of life certainly but we cannot forget forgo the present because we are entirely focused on our future.

More and more experts have recognized that living in the present moment is the key to living a successful life. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. Living in the present moment is all we ever really do. Living in the present moment is all we ever experience we remember the past anticipate the future.

We live in the moment.
What happens when we focus too much on the past?
We relive our past triumphs and failings, but when we do what to much we eliminate the possibilities of experiencing new triumphs.

Psychologists believe that living too much in the past is one cause for depression.
If we always look to our future we are ignoring what is happening in our lives right now we may even make poor judgment today because we are leaving as our dissipated future already has happened.

Again psychologist warn us that living in the future is one overwhelming cause for anxiety.

To live in the present you must pay attention to what is happening to you right now if you are having coffee with a friend do not spend that time planning what you are going to do next be present to that friend to speak fully in whatever it is that you are doing.
Walk watch a young child eat an ice cream cone the child knows how to live in the present here he is enjoying every lick of that ice cream sticky mess children lick the cones their fingers and their arms and you can see how much they are enjoying themselves.

Mom on the other hand he’s constantly trying to wipe up the mess she already is thinking about how much work it will be to clean one more set of toddlers cloths.

It is wrong to remember past events it is it bad to plan for the future?absolutely not!

Our memories reminding us aware we have been and who we are becoming.

Planning for our future helps us guide our lives but the difference in these activities is you do not want to live in the past or the future live in the present only in the present will you never find stress that makes it a very healthy activity.

There are patterns that people follow and they are not good or bad they are not a judgment of someone as a person it is a pattern of behavior and it can be changed the real secret to happiness is not what you achieve it is who you have become it is how you have grown.

Take away all your possessions and you still have your you your vision will help you to learn how to.

Without a vision circumstances will be in charge of your life not you.

Everything in life is the result of someone’s idea purpose or vision people who get things done keep their vision always close to them people people who are less successful work just as hard but they are only focused on activities they believe are necessary at any given time.

Reacting to life is due to habitual behaviour:

If we do not choose to act we will live our lives mercy really reacting to events this kind of automatic response might make life seem easy to live where you don’t have to think about everything you do problems occur when you allow this type of unconscious response to most of our life robs us of our power to control our lives.

This is the root cause behind most of our failures for example we fail at a diet because after period time on a new diet we referred back to our old that you’ll eating habits there just year we don’t have to think about them.

In order to achieve what we want in life we have to develop a vision. We must decide what we want our lives to be what we want to do with it and how we are going to get there.

A vision is much more than merely thinking about a possessions we wish to have it is more about what we wish to become.
Life is about more then material goods. When we hold a vision of our life and our mind we are more likely to do the appropriate action designed to get us there. This is not to say that only dreams are about something will make it come true; there is no such thing as that. However if we do not keep our dreams front and center in our thoughts we will lose track of where we are heading in our life.