When we merely allow our brains to think or convincing us to merely repeat behavior without consideration of the consequences.

We are in peril this is especially true of those behaviors are negative or no longer work in our advantage.
This information is meant to encourage you on the one hand having bad habits such as Procrastination on mindless eating or smoking may not really be your fault because your brain has trick you into believing that this behavior is the path of least resistance and that it is a good thing.
Man has only two instinctive fears the fear of failing and the fear of abandonment.
All other fears are learned.

Our fears are not as simple as just wheeling them away eliminating fear especially fear of the future.
Understanding that most of our fears are learned, if we can learn fear we can most certainly Unlearn fear.
When we talk about changing change will occurs at some point in the future it will take one of two guises.
1. Change is going to happen due to circumstances outside your control.
2. You have chosen the change.
that is change comes only in those two ways.
Change that occurs due to your own choice is usually perceived as a good thing, even if it is a great thing consider the person who decides to leave his corporate job to pursue in life long dream future is in his hands, and very uncertain yet most people who make this type of decision have less fear, because they have chosen the change.

Changing the way we perceive something will alter our expectation about what is to happen change can be a time of anticipation excitement and expectation.
This occurs when we are aware of how we react to change.
Seen our reaction to change as a choice rather than a response just to make us less resistant. We become focused on the opportunity in the future rather than to fear what we might lose when you were young we could not wait for life to start at some point, we began to fear the future, we have a choice it is up to us to choose wisely.

Resisting change because we believe we have some kind of security in our current position is not much different from hiding our heads in the sand, we may believe that there is some sense of security and maintaining status quo, but deep down he really begin to fear the future we are too focused on our sense of security to allow ourselves to grow.

With Growth comes change with change comes growth.

The best security you can have is to be confident in yourself and who you are and how we choose to respond to change.