Are you afraid of the dark or are you afraid to be alone?

Are you afraid of the dark or are you afraid to be alone, that is a question that is asked from within yourself?

Some people are afraid of the dark even though they can sleep at night.


I Believe the answer is falling asleep is a normal happening in life that is why they can fall sleep but still are afraid to fall asleep if they are alone. I believe That this problem can cause insomnia in you life.

When you have a partner like a wife, girlfriend, husband you feel much more comfortable to fall asleep, but still felling afraid.

When things go bump in the night or you hear a noise and you’re awaken and you feel afraid until you turn the light on, but still afraid of the unknown factor that you do not see but you can hear it has all to do with fear.

How do we face fear of the unknown?

I will answer that question in my next post.