What is procrastination and why we procrastinate

The basic definition of procrastination is putting off doing something that could be done now until a later date and time what makes this procrastination is that we usually put off essential tasks in favor of doing nonessential tasks why we put off task is a focus of our problems.
The root cause behind procrastination is that we are avoiding an activity event or behavior that we fear will give us paint in some form or another.
You do not think you feel afraid?
Strangely enough we have become so accustomed feeling pain that we have stopped recognizing when our body is responding to fear.

We might even look at blaming our bring for our procrastination because we have been wired in the Pacific way to survive.when we avoid things that give us pain such as sabertooth tiger we tend to live longer as advanced as our brain is sometimes it cannot tell the difference between the sabertooth tiger and the ring of the telephone as a result our body responds to the same way how respiratory rate increases blood pressure rises, we feel a surge of adrenaline and our body is not ready for the ultimate survival test flight or fight.
Unfortunately we do not need to flee I ringing telephone in order to survive but there is a very primitive part of our brain but does not know that the higher think portion of our brain can use logic to sort this out for us over and over again but that primitive part of the brain keeps telling us we are in danger.
Why do we procrastinate?
We are afraid we will fail.
We are afraid we will succeed.
We are afraid we do not have enough information.
We are afraid we do not have the right skills.
We are afraid it will be a waste of our time.
We are afraid we will miss out on something more pleasurable.
There is only one reason behind our tendency to procrastinate:
Whatever task we are avoiding is causing us some measure of pain.
When you are procrastinating about something you have some kind of alert or alarm sounding it can be really obvious physical response in which you find your breathing and your heart rate are accelerated or can be a big feeling just behind a little uncomfortable to root cause behind just about all cases of procrastination is fear.
The insidious problem is that most of the time we do not recognize that her reluctance is caused by fear we just think we have something better to do first.
It has happened to you right?
You have to get ready for a big presentation and you know just about all material it should be a piece of cake for you you have a big plan to start going over the material tomorrow then when tomorrow comes you find something else that you really need to attend to first this is the beginning of what is called avoidance behavior or busywork with something on nonessential task.
Is procrastination fatal?
Now that is an interesting question if you do not recognize that you are procrastinating could be at the very least a terminal illness for you.
Oh but you do recognize that you are progressing now what?
Here are a few ideas that usually do not work but you need to know about them and why they will not work.
Otherwise you will spend countless hours yourself and hours for your coaching clients that could be better spent doing something else.
You need to know what the most common approaches are two procrastination and you also need to know why they do not work.
Let us start with the first and foremost solution: willpower.
If you just had a little more discipline more of an ability to focus you could just do it right?
That is usually the canned response for people who suffer from procrastination but when asked if it works for them the answer is a responding know!
Think about how often you have just tried to use willpower to make yourself do something and you failed over and over again when this happens you are creating a pattern of losing which is turn leads to a very negative self image then you are even more beautiful the next time you are asking to do something.
The truth is that we do not have infinite reserve of willpower.
There was once a study done which two groups of people were deprived of eating and tell they were very very hungry.
The first group received as many radishes as it to Spence wanted to eat they could eat until they got sick as long as all the eat where radishes.

Second group was given cookies.

The real twist was that the radishes Katie was allowed to watch the other group eat the cookies in the radish meeting group could see and smell the cookies but they were allowed to eat only radishes.
Once each group had his fill of the provided to the participants were given various test that used brainpower brainteasers prospect number games etc.
Cookie eating group did pretty well with the test.
The radish group nearly went crazy it’s participants had used up all their willpower to get just the radishes will they wash the other groups Hungrily eat the cookies.
By the time they were subjected to the additional mental stress of trying to complete the puzzles they ran out of willpower they had run out of gas in the willpower department.

Positive thinking and self affirmations.

Positive thinking and self-affirmation work wonders in many areas of life but not when it comes to dealing with procrastination. When you have a fear that already has developed trying to think positively or telling yourself you do not feel this way only increases your residency to the activity you were dealing with the site to logical of dread or fear and just thinking positively is not going to make it any better.
Think about it this way if you were given a huge plate of wiggling worms to eat for dinner he would look at it in for your positive thinking approach would be landing gladly a scoop of gravy or ice cream over the plate of worms have the worms gone away it is it is it is it any more appealing are you going to eat it? No absolutely not!
Covering up a bad situation with affirmations or positive thinking is not going to change the fact that the situation is bad and you would prefer to avoid it.

The Procrastination snowball effect

Unless you do something to change your procrastination behavior it is likely to become part of the way you handle difficult situations.

What is even worse is that when you procrastinate about one cast that was supposed to be done today and you put it off until tomorrow you know how now have tomorrow’s task to complete as well as task or to ask you did not perform on time.

It begins to snowball and what seems like a pretty big task suddenly becomes a huge looming monster of a task now you will do just about anything to avoid this monster.

If you do not learn to incorporate ways to handle task usually procrastinate about it can become fatal could be fatal to your career to your personal life to your relationship everything presentation can affect virtually everything every aspect of your life.

Cost of procrastination

The most obvious cost of procrastination is money.
Consider people who hate paying bills each month it does not matter that you do not like to open the bills and see how much you owe it does not matter that you meant to get that payment to them on time what matters is that each time you are late paying a bill you do not pay the amount you already owed you get socked with a late fee and these days that is around $40 so if you have three bills you have to pay and you finally get around to them but each creditor charges you a $40 late fee you are now stuck with paying hundred and $20 that could have better been better spent somewhere else even worse if those were credit card bills your interest rate has gone up and the financial penalties skyrockets.
If you pay three bills late every month for one year you will have paid $1440 in late fees and you will likely pay four times that much in added interest over the life of your loan.


Career suffer from the procrastination affection each time your boss asks you to get something in you managed to finally pull it together but not in time for the big presentation yesterday in front of the potential customer who would have offered really lucrative account.

The next time your boss need something done do you supposed suppose you will be the go to guy or gal not likely in fact the more you behave this way the sooner you will find yourself on the short list maybe even at the top when the next round of reduction in workforce comes around.

Personal relationships

Consider yourself personal life how often do you promise to do something for your significant other and you end up not doing it I’m sorry you say that’s okay is the response but how many times after about six times you will not get verbal response you’re going to start getting look not again!

Then you will be coming home to a stranger repairing your dishwasher because you have procrastinated about it for six months or when dinner is over and you want to kick back you were going to be told you can watch survivor after you wash everything by hand because the dishwasher still is not fixed.

How serious is this problem?
Actually procrastination is more than just an irritation.
It has become such a white bread affection that millions of people are seeking therapy and other treatment to help them according to new research more than 20% of all people have such a problem that their careers your help and the relationships are in jeopardy.

At first glance procrastination seems a bit like a joke we all know people procrastinate and we will admit to having procrastinated ourselves from time to time.

It stops being a joke when we realize just how paralyzing it can be and how much it cost in terms of money careers and relationships.

In less 11 we will talk about tactics to handle procrastination however this is such a important topic that it needs to lessons to handle it completely as you like Coach this is going to be one of the biggest problems your clients will bring to you and it is going to be your job to make a difference for them.

You have learned about communication attitude and goalsetting so far now you are facing the biggest and most into tractable problem the people and this is why they will be coming to you for help procrastination is not a joke it is a paralyzing effect.